I saw it on Pinterest: S’mores Pockets

So far in my Pinterest adventures, I’ve tackled a braided bun , made some fire starters and tried to unclog a sink drain and making a t-shirt bag.

You all know how much I love marshmallows and s’mores, so when I saw this pin’s recipe for how to make s’mores pie pops I pinned it on my ‘yummy foods’ page and promptly forgot about it. As you do, obviously.

A couple weeks ago I was looking through my old pins for inspiration and decided to finally try this recipe out at home. You really only need three things for this recipe: Pillsbury pie crusts, marshmallows and chocolate bars. Sounds pretty easy, right?

Smores pops - 1

I didn’t follow the pin’s instructions exactly – Instead of using three chocolate pieces for each pocket, I used two. I also cut a normal sized marshmallow in half for each treat, instead of using mini marshmallows (because I didn’t have any small ones on hand). Other than that, I followed directions… but my little s’mores raviolis didn’t look as pretty as the ones on the baking website. Which probably surprises no one.

Smores pops steps

I baked my finished s’mores pies for 15 minutes at 375 degrees and here’s the finished product:

Smores pops - 7

Looks pretty okay, I guess. But the proof is in the pudding. Or, I guess the s’mores. And there was one big problem. The marshmallow disappeared. In fact, if you look closely at the picture you can see that the little puff is practically empty.

I was warned in the original recipe that the marshmallow would melt, but I guess I expected some part to be left behind. I mean, these didn’t even taste like a marshmallow had been by to visit the chocolate AT ALL! Basically, the finished treat tasted like a bit of warm chocolate in a pie crust. Which isn’t bad… but it’s NOT s’mores.

I think I did pretty well in following the directions, but I won’t be making this again. I like my s’mores treats to taste like chocolate AND marshmallow, so I’ll be sticking to the old school version over a bonfire.

Do you have any yummy s’mores recipes I should try? Would you have been disappointed about the lack o’ marshmallow in the finished recipe?

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5 thoughts on “I saw it on Pinterest: S’mores Pockets”

  1. No marshmallow? That’s a recipe FAIL, not a Julie Fail. When 1/3 of the ingredients in a s’more is missing, I don’t want s’any. Only a s’more will do when I want one!

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