I wish I was a Fashion Blogger

I love reading other people’s blogs.  I guess that’s what inspired me to start my own blog. Well that and the fact that every time I’d tell a random story with arms flailing around, someone would inevitably say “you should have a blog!” Well, I’m nothing if not accommodating.

Actually, I’m not really that accommodating. I’m just kind of an attention ho and checking the stats on this little blog of mine is good for my ego.

Anyways, I love reading blogs about motherhood craziness, stories about clumsiness, DIY home décor projects, reviews of books that I never have the chance to read, and so on and so forth. I have a bunch of my favorite blogs saved on my gmail reader and visit them whenever I have a chance.

I also have a couple of those other blogs. You know, the fashion blogs. I wrote that in italics because you totally need to say it with whispered reverence in your voice. Kind of like how those hyenas said Mufasa in The Lion King. Try it: fashion blogs. See, that’s totally what I mean.

Fashion bloggers are WAY cooler than me. I’m sure that many of them are as sweet as pie, but I met a couple at last year’s BlogHer conference that caused me to immediately regress to feeling like that dork in middle school with the perm and braces. And yes, I totally had a spiral perm and braces at the same time because it was the late eighties/early nineties and I didn’t know any better.

I have two favorite fashion blogger’s that I visit on a regular basis. I’m not going to post them here because I kind of don’t want them to click back through and point and laugh at me. They are both impossibly cool and obviously have much, much better wardrobes than me. And better cameras. And they’re skinnier. I love reading their blogs though, because they always put together these amazing outfits from everyday pieces that look FANTASTIC on them.

Well, I wish I was cool like them.

I have what I’ll call a “lazy” wardrobe. I pretty much wear the same thing to work each day – black pants, a shirt or tank top and a sweater. Every single day. I mean, I look presentable… just not COOL. Frankly, it’s easy but pretty boring. In the summer I have a few cute work dresses, but when it’s cold outside I dress more for comfort and warmth.

I was going to include a picture of my in my normal "uniform" but couldn't find a recent full body picture. I did find this picture from 2010 though...
I was going to include a picture of my in my normal “uniform” but couldn’t find a recent full body shot. I did find this picture of me sitting on an egg from 2010 though…

When I’m not at work I’m either in my “I might leave the house” outfit of jeans (Gap), a t-shirt (Lucky), a hoodie/fleece (Under Armour or North Face) and boots (No idea, they’re super old and I love them). If I’m not leaving the house I live in the exact same outfit but switch out the jeans with yoga pants. That’s pretty much it. I do have a couple really pretty scarves that I throw on over everything, so maybe I’m like 1/18 cool.

I really WANT to be one of those saucy chicks that wear the adorable fitted skinny jeans, knee boots, three layered flowy tops that somehow make them look both busty and skinny and an artfully draped scarf… but I’m not.

Half the time I don’t give a darn that I’m not one of the fashionably dressed and the other half I’m totally jealous that somehow other working mom’s out there look so much more put together than me.

So, what’s your trick? Are you one of those ladies who always look adorable? If so, give me some tips! If not, what is your ‘go to’ outfit that you keep wearing again and again and again?

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2 thoughts on “I wish I was a Fashion Blogger”

  1. I’ve recently been trying to switch things up by trading one the perpetual yoga pants and hoodies for skirts and leggings and boots with a cute top or sweater. Scarves are always a good addition to schnazz it up. I’m also a big fan of hats and toques in the winter months plus they disguise a bad hair day in 2 seconds flat! It takes effort not to throw on my old standbys but I have to say I do feel better about myself on days that I take a little more time to consider my attire. Especially since I’ve only really done yoga, like twice in my entire life! Lol

    1. Well crap, I didn’t know actually DOING yoga was a requirement for yoga pants! 😉

      I like a good winter hat, but what do you do the rest of the day? If I wear a hat in the morning, when I take it off at work I’ve got a flat top and massive static going on!

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