I’m at BlogHer16 Right Now

After months and months of looking forward to BlogHer16, I’m actually there right now!

If you forgot all about it, or don’t know what a BlogHer is… feel free to check out this post and follow up with this one as a little after-dinner mint o’ fun

Okay, all caught up?

Anyways, I’m in Los Angeles and probably running from place to place like a chicken with its head cut off.

As I do each year, I’ll put together a post when I return next week telling you all about it. However, if you’d like to follow along with my adventures, check out my PocketfulofJoules Instagram account which I’m sure to flood with an assortment of random pictures. Freddie Prinze Jr will be there… so I fully plan to get a picture with him and hopefully won’t do anything weird like fondle his bicep or drool on myself.

Here’s a picture from last year of me and Billy Currington:

billy currington

If you want to read the story about our conversation and how I may have grazed his butt when I put my arm around him, you can find it here.

When I get back, what do you want to know? Let me know in the comments and I’ll make sure to cover it all when I do my post next week!


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