Inside My Head

I’m going to start this post with a warning: I was really tired this morning.

In fact, this was my Facebook status and it’s totally true “So tired I forgot I had to pay at Starbucks and just stared at the lady wondering why she wouldn’t hand over my coffee.”

I was sitting in the drive thru and we totally had a staring contest until I realized that I needed to hand over my Starbucks gold card (oh yeah, I’m THAT cool) to get my yummy caffeine.  The reason that this is a warning is that since I was so tired, I upgraded my choice to a venti (Starbucks code for super-sized) and also added in an extra shot.


I basically have pure caffeine running through my veins right now. So here is a breakdown of what was going on in my head* during my commute to work:

  • The car in front of me had a “Dealer” plate. For some reason every time I see that, my brain says, “Oh, they’re totally a drug dealer.” And yes, I know that it doesn’t really mean that but apparently my brain doesn’t care.
  • The insult “butthole” is totally underused. I heard it on a radio show this morning and I think it totally needs to come back.
  • Wow. My legs are really freaking pale. Like ghostly white pale. Yet, I’ve worn a dress to work for the last two days. I really need a tan. Hmmm….I have an appointment tomorrow at the dermatologist to see if my latest mole had any melanoma in it. Hoping it doesn’t. Is it weird that I’m thinking of getting a tan and skin cancer in the same thought?
  • The Boy Scouts suck and Jack will not be joining unless there are HUGE and I mean HUGE in all caps changes.
  • Wow, our 4 year wedding anniversary is coming up in October. I totally need to plan a mini trip somewhere (if I can convince my mom to watch Jack overnight…please Mom, please!) Maybe something close by like an overnight trip to a VA wine festival or Hershey Park. Maybe I should get through my Chicago conference, New York City Conference and Ocean City vacation first… all of which are occurring within the next 4 weeks. Yeah, I’m a traveling ho.
  • Oh, Funky Cold Medina is on the radio. Totally takes me back to high school when a friend would ham it up on the karaoke machine. If you’re reading this, Dave, you rocked that song’s socks off.
  • I got my “Bon Voyage” Citrus Lane box in the mail last night and I’m super excited to share it with you all. Note to self: take pictures and write up blog post tonight.

And then I pulled into work and had to shift into working Joules mode for the next few hours. Speaking of, I need to run and grab myself some {non-caffeinated} lunch ASAP so I can get back to work

Have a gold star kind of day and don’t be a butthole.

*Which I scribbled down on a piece of paper to remind me, instead of typing into my phone. Because I’m responsible like that and pay attention to laws.

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