Pet Peeve Alert: You Stink

Prepare yourself now, because I’m about to go off on a tangent.

One of the things that I absolutely CANNOT STAND is when people pretty much bathe in their perfume or cologne before leaving the house.

If you are standing 20 feet away from me and I can LITERALLY TASTE your cologne in the back of my throat, you have applied too much scent!

If you walk down a hallway and I walk down that same hallway five minutes later and I can still smell your stanky ass old man cologne (and yes, this is an actual example of a Mr. Potato Head-type man I used to work with), you are wearing too much!

I’m an equal opportunity complainer too, it’s not just men who are stinking me out – there are also ladies out there who are surrounded by a Pig Pen type cloud of floral aroma. And maybe the perfume would have smelled good if you just dab dab dabbed it on…but if you are smell blind and layered the lotion, powder, perfume and matching room spray you crossed over that line and you just stink!

So there is your public service announcement for the day. If you’re unsure of whether you have too much cologne or perfume on your body, ask someone.

Or just look around for the person like me who is trying to strategically cover her nose and back away without vomiting.

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