Inspiration Fit Spring Grab Bag Reveal

Much like Maren Morris sings in Rich, “I told myself I wouldn’t do this again… but how much you wanna bet I’m going to do this again…?”

Sigh. And now that song is in my head. Let’s have a sing-a-long:

I ordered my first Inspiration Fit Mystery Bag back in June (see the reveal here) and really liked 2 out of 4 of the tank tops that they sent over. Then, I tried the Christmas Mystery Grab Bag in November and felt like it was a total miss (find the reveal here).

I ended that post with “I probably will not be ordering another mystery bag in the future, unless they have a great one with tank tops that I can wear to the gym. Of course, I say that now… but then they get me yet again with their adorable ads!”

And… they DID.

I got sucked into their Spring Clearance Bag because it was only $29 and I could choose all tank tops. I love their tank tops for the gym, so getting four more at just over $7 each sounded like a good deal.

Before I show you the goodies, let’s talk about sizing. When you order their ‘fitted tank tops’ they encourage you to go up one or two sizes. I’m normally a large in tops, so I previously sized up to a XL in their tank tops. I like the way they fit (probably like a smaller large in normal people sizes), but I’m scared to throw them in the dryer. So, I wash them on cold and let them hang dry. For this bag, I sized up even more to an XXL. On my initial try-on they are a smidge baggy (which is fine for a workout top), but I think they will be great after a wash and dry.

Let’s check out the goodies!

When I saw the sample designs, there were two that I really liked and hoped I would get… and I got them:

I think both of these shirts have super cute designs, however I don’t love that the Sassy Lassy shirt is white. It seems like it might be kinda transparent… but I guess layered over an exercise bra it’s fine. It also might be cute with a sweater for ‘real life’ on St. Paddy’s Day.

Here are the other two:

I like the Bloom Where you are Planted top and the color is really pretty too. The Pinch Proof one is kinda weird. I mean, is it encouraging strangers to come up to me while I’m doing some cardio and try to pinch me? Because that won’t go well for anyone involved.

I noticed in my package I also receive a post card advertising a new Swap Group on Facebook. The group is set up to help if you’d like to trade designs or sizes, so I may hold off on washing my Pinch Proof tank top and trade it for something else I like better!

So yeah, I did it again. And I don’t regret it this time!

3/8/19 Update: I went ahead and listed the “Pinch Proof” tank top on the swap group and someone purchased it for $15!

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.

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