The BEST $8 Black Tights

I am a lover of black tights. But they have to be a certain kind of black tights. They must be stretchy and not rip or run. Also, they have to be totally, completely opaque. And they have to be less than $10.

On a Target run a few months ago I came across their A New Day brand tights (here’s the link to them). They were marked as mid-rise and they have a 120 denier, which should be pretty darn opaque. So I grabbed two pairs to try at home.

I’ve been wearing them to work all winter long. I’ve thrown them in the laundry (on cold) and in one case, I even accidentally put a pair in the dryer.

The verdict: They are AWESOME.

As much as I love fleece-lined tights, sometimes they can be too warm for the office. But these tights give me the opaque-ness that I want, without making me sweat. After wearing my two pairs over the last few months again and again and again, they both look as nice as when I first ripped them out of the packaging.

My only warning though… I don’t think they count as mid-rise. I pull them all the way up to my bra-line… which I actually like for its tummy smoothing skills. They are NOT control top though, so if you want more of a tummy squish factor you may want look elsewhere.

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One thought on “The BEST $8 Black Tights”

  1. I will definitely try them. I like a pair by Spanx, they are also very opaque. But, these are less money, so I will try them. Thanks! It is hard to know what tights will actually work, or not.

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