Inspired by Taylor Swift: Some of My Favorite Gold Necklaces for Layering

You all know that I call myself a magpie, due to my obsession with everything that sparkles. Well, after seeing Taylor Swift’s recent VMAs outfit with an amazing selection of gold necklaces layered on her neck I’m on the hunt for a way to make this style my own!

First up, I found the Gold Lioness Chain Necklace, which is a fantastic mix of two different gold chains and a link-lock carabiner.

gold necklace with carabiner

I love this design, because it is such a mix of pretty and a little tough. This necklace looks amazing alone, you can add a charm to the carabiner, or you can layer it with other necklaces. I also like that you have options to choose from yellow, white or rose gold… which I’m thinking I’d go for the yellow gold because I like different metals mixed together and have some silver pieces.

I also love the Zodiac Necklace:

gold zodiac necklace

I’d get Virgo, of course, and I love that each zodiac sign has their own little star-studded constellation on it. I like the dainty little chain with the charm and the fact that it is adjustable between 16-18 inches. This would totally give Taylor Swift vibes if paired with a couple other chains!

For my next selection, it’s totally my friend’s fault. She has a beautiful ‘paper clip’ chain bracelet and we were talking about how pretty a matching necklace would be, so I found this one called the Boyfriend Bold Chain Necklace.

gold paperclip necklace

It comes in yellow or white gold and is the perfect mix of simple and interesting. I think this could be one of those necklaces that you wear every single day, but then if you want to get a little extra sassy you can leave it on and add some more!

Now if I want to give the paper clip necklace a little extra boost, I love the Cuff Keeper Necklaces from Air & Anchor. I’ve been targeted by their ads for awhile now and every time I see their necklaces, I drool a little like Pavlov’s dog.

gold chain necklace

Like the first necklace, I like that you have the option of attaching a charm or even multiple charms. I like that this one is a little more heavy and clunky, so it would mix well with some of my heavier pieces.

Oooh and speaking of charms, I have loved the Personalized Yue Necklace for ages! I have been thinking about getting two charms – one with a “J” to represent Jack and one with a “T” for my husband.

gold initial necklaces

Keeping on theme, I think that this cute little charm necklace would be great alone or paired with others. In fact, it would look pretty dang good paired with the Lioness Chain necklace AND the Boyfriend Bold Necklace.

So, now that I have quite the shopping list going, it looks like it’s time to drop hints for my Christmas list!

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Responsival. All thoughts and opinions are all my own!

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