It’s Award Season

So TV stars may have their Emmy’s, but I’m totally rocking out to some blogger awards this month.

I kind of feel like I should dress up in sparkles and walk my own red carpet, but I’ll stick to my same ol’ clothes and maybe add a little strut and attitude when walking out to my car tonight.

By the way, how awesome is Sofia Vergara that she tweeted a picture of her broken dress at the Emmy’s? Of course, if my butt looked like hers I’d consider the entire world clothing-optional!

I’d like to give a great, big thank you to my fellow bloggers for awarding me the One Lovely Blog Award (Chewylicious), the Sunshine Award (Chewylicious), and the Versatile Blogger award (That Suburban Momma). I’ve actually already received the Versatile Blogger award from S.M. Hutchins at Live Wonderstruck, but I have apparently swept the category as a two-time winner. Yay me!

Because I can’t possibly think of another 22 facts about myself, as well as 23 more bloggers to award, I’m going to give myself a free pass on completing everything.

However, I AM incredibly honored to receive these three awards. So in celebration, I will answer three questions from the Sunshine award and pass the awards though to three awesome fellow bloggers.

#1. What is your passion? This sounds pretty corny to say ON my blog, but I’m incredibly passionate about my blog. I love having an outlet to vent and share my thoughts. I am amazed at the online friends I have made that I totally want to gather up and invite to a bonfire at my house. I am constantly flabbergasted that I have blog readers that I don’t even know in real life!

#2. What is your favorite Christmas/festive movie? It’s a tie between Love, Actually and Elf. I love them both and it is a rule in my house that they must both be watched at least once during the month of December!

#3. What is your favorite time of day? On a weekend morning when the whole family – me, my husband, baby and dog – is all snuggling together in the bed. We’re all a little sleepy and there is lots of hugging, kissing, petting and drool going on all while encased in some fluffy warm covers. Absolute heaven. Even better if it’s followed by chocolate chip pancakes.

Three bloggers I’d like to award, in turn making them each triple-threats in the blogging world:

  1. Sue from Diapers or Wine – I’m awarding Sue this award because she is currently on vacation and I’d like to give her a little gift to welcome her back to the real world.
  2. S. M. Hutchins at Live Wonderstruck I’m passing these awards through to Sherri because we’re friends in real life and I’d really like to convince her to hang out with us when we come and visit New Jersey next month. So, really this is like a fancy and selfish blogging bribe…
  3. The Bloggess Obviously the Bloggess is a total big deal and won’t care about me giving her blogging awards. Hello, she totally has a bestselling book people! However, in case you’ve been living under a rock without internet service, you really need to acquaint yourself with her hilariousness. Here is one of the most pee-pants inducing posts I’ve ever read.

And yes, I know that these three bloggers have already won at least one of the awards already. While it’s awesome to get these fun awards, it also can be a bit like a chain letter that never dies. So I’m also bestowing upon my three awesome bloggers the ability to just say “thank you” and not do one thing more!

If you could make up your own award to give out, what would you come up with? Would it be the “thanks for not bumping my car when you backed into that parallel parking space that’s too small for your truck” award? How about the “your breath always smells like stale coffee” award? Or maybe the “I have a huge crush on you and stalk you on twitter” award?

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5 thoughts on “It’s Award Season”

  1. Well i just wish i could hug you. With a fork. Just kidding 😉 Can’t wait to get back into the swing of things next week! I heart you!!

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