I’ve scheduled time to relax… in 3 days

Sorry I’ve sucked at blogging for the past week or so – the Big Move totally took over my life. In fact, it’s still dominating about 85% of my thoughts and 100% of my free time.

To sum it up, I’m exhausted.

I’m not just a little tired – I am mentally and physically exhausted to the point of nonsense.

I’m so tired that I closed my eyes for about two seconds and almost fell asleep in 695 traffic. I almost cried while reading my friends Facebook updates about dogs about to get euthanized (ok, that would have probably happened anyway). I’m breaking into giggling fits for no reason. Ditto with the wanting to bite people’s heads off. When I answer the phone, people immediately ask if I’m sick or crying.

You get it; I need a nap and a vacation.

The good news is that after weeks and weeks of sorting/organizing/packing, we’re finally moved into our new place. Even better, all of our furniture fits. And as of about 10:00 pm last night, we have working Fios TV and internet. So let’s all give a big cheesy group ‘high five’ for that.

There is still a ton of stuff that needs to be done before I can really call the new place “home” or even “temporary home” for now. I’m one of those people who can’t relax until everything is in its place and we still have stuff to do before my shoulders can leave their new favorite spot by my ears.

Old House
We’re almost totally done with the old townhouse. My husband needs to go by one last time to pick up a few things left in the shed tonight. The huge pile of trash behind the house also needs to be dragged out to the curb for tomorrow morning’s trash pickup.

The new owners will be doing a walk through tomorrow morning, so hopefully they find everything to their liking. It is super clean, since I spend about 5 hours cleaning the place from top to bottom after we moved out. The lawn and front flower bed also looks fantastic, since my husband dealt with them yesterday.

We did have a bit of a stress/scare when it came back that the townhouse deck is a few inches too long and goes into the ‘no building zone’. This is news to me, since the deck has been there for at least 15 – 20 years (I’ve only been there 8). I wasn’t really sure what they wanted me to do about it, but I did offer to take a chainsaw to the side of the deck to shorten it if that would make them happy. Apparently it didn’t because I haven’t heard anything about it since.

Settlement is TOMORROW! Part of me (ok, about 82.5%) feels like something is going to happen and the contract is going to fall through. It’s like I can’t really let myself get excited until I exit that building tomorrow afternoon with a nice check in my purse. Yes, that’s true, we actually MADE MONEY off this house sale even though the market is crap right now. Amazing. 

New House
As I said, the furniture is in place, which is a huge help. Also, most stuff is unpacked since I did that little by little when I started moving a week ago. However, we still need little stuff done like: hanging curtain rods and curtains, put together a snazzy kitchen cart from Target that comes in about 10,000 pieces, putting  up pictures, cleaning out the spare room (currently a home for orphan boxes and miscellaneous that needs a home), etc.

The most important thing is that I need to find time to go to the grocery store. We have no food at our house and you know it’s bad when it’s gotten to the point that we’re actually sick of eating out!

So by the end of the week (most definitely by the weekend), I should be able to finally sit down and put my feet up. I have some TV to catch up on, some books calling my name and a comfy blanket to curl up in. After weeks of work, it sounds like heaven to me. Then, next week (my last week at my current job) I can throw myself back into my job search.

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