Moving on Up, To the East Side*

After weeks and weeks of preparation, the big move is finally on the horizon. Four days from now we’ll be packing up a U-Haul truck with everything left in our townhouse and taking it about 15 minutes down the road to our new place.

We’ve already stored oodles and oodles** of stuff at my parent’s house. The rental that we’re moving to doesn’t have a ton of closet/storage space so off-season clothes, home décor, outdoor furniture, and that type of stuff isn’t coming with us. It is easily accessible though, so if we’re still there when the weather gets warm it won’t be too difficult to grab our summer clothes.

This past weekend, we took the first official load of stuff to the new place. Mainly it was just some kitchen stuff, a couple rugs, our dining room table and some closet organizers. I had this idea in my head that by bringing the rugs in advance, I wouldn’t have to worry about heavy furniture having to be schooched around more than once.

And yes, schooched is a word. Use it in conversation today and you’ll see that everyone knows what it means.

I took another SUV load over yesterday, so our kitchen table and chairs (super small and lightweight, so I could do it myself) and everything from our linen closet now lives in the new house. Which is awesome, except if I run out of soap or something before Saturday. Hmmm…I guess I didn’t think that one through.

Oh well. Anyways, now that I’ve partially moved, I simply can’t wait to get everything moved over into the new place. I’m one of those people who likes everything in its place (which obviously means I’m a dork for organizing stuff) and I just feel unbalanced when stuff is all messy. To help with my insanity, I’m planning to take over some more of the small stuff on Thursday. That way, all that will be left is the large furniture that our strong and manly helpers will move on Saturday.

If everything goes according to plan, I’ll be able to do absolutely NOTHING on Sunday. Which sounds totally fabulous because every weekend since Labor Day has been crazy sprinkled with busy, rolled around in exhaustion.

Of course, my plan was to leave this new temporary house as bare as possible so that we felt added incentive for me to find a new position and move into our dream home. But knowing me, I just don’t think I’m going to be able to survive without hanging a couple pictures on the walls. We’ll see though, I’m starting to get some job feedback so maybe we won’t be at this new place very long after all…


*What’s funny is that we actually ARE moving to the “East” side of the rental property. Great, now I’m never going to get this darn song out of my head!

** FYI, for those not ‘in the know’, oodles and oodles is equal to the entire top of a pool table + ¼ of the basement + part of my childhood bedroom.

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