Jack is 10!

In preparation for this post, I took a trip down memory lane and revisited the blog posts I wrote for each of Jack’s birthdays… concluding with his birth story. Each year, I shared a list of Jack’s favorites and a cute photo of him. It’s so funny how every year when I share a post I feel like he’s SO BIG, but now looking back he was so little.

I can without a doubt say that being a mom to Jack is one of the most favorite things of my entire life.

Not an official ‘birthday picture’ since this was taken in December.

He’s such an awesome human being and I feel so lucky to see him learn and grow. And this year, he’s reached double-digits… my baby is 10.

After two years of living through a pandemic with all the challenges that came with it, we really wanted this year to be special. We had cancelled a vacation I had planned for Universal Studios back in 2020, so we thought it was the perfect time to reschedule.

So, this week, Jack is spending his 10th birthday on a fabulous trip to Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. I pre-wrote this post before we left, but I’m sure I’m sharing photos over on my Instagram account if you want to follow along with us. And when we get back, I’ll share all about our trip and hotel and planning and all that fun stuff.

But right now, I’m taking a week to just enjoy our family vacation.

And probably eating lots of desserts. Because while Jack is turning 10… Travis and I are now parents of a 10 year old and that calls for cake!

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2 thoughts on “Jack is 10!”

  1. Happy Birthday of a ten year old! To you, the parents! And, Happy Birthday, to Jack. That’s a cute t shirt! Have fun, all of you.

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