Job Interview Style: Loving Leota Dresses

As I was preparing for my first and second job interview, I did that thing where I basically tried on everything in my closet and threw it on the floor.

Nothing seemed right.

I wanted something where I felt professional and attractive and FUN. But I wanted to stay away from looking too girly or immature or casual. I wanted to look like ME and not me dressed in a job interview costume.

I needed a magic dress.

I’m not a suit person, so I knew going into it that I wanted a dress and would top it with a blazer and add a pair of flats.

I ended up finding my magic dress at Nordstrom Rack.

V-neck not too low: check! Knee-length skirt: check! Fun pattern: CHECK!!!

I love the Leota brand because their dresses are made out of a soft jersey material that doesn’t wrinkle. They tend to have super flattering wrap waistbands and lots of fun patterns. They do have shorter versions, but I love the knee-length options!

Since I’ve been obsessed with my Leota dresses for a year or so now, I thought I’d do some internet stalking to find some favorites to share.

They have a ton of options on the Leota website, as well as Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack. Their dresses typically range from $125 – $150 though so I thought it would be more fun to hunt out the sale options for you all:

Nordstrom Rack




Leota Website


Also, don’t forget to check Poshmark by searching for the Leota brand name in your size. I’ve recently scooped up some amazing dresses for just $20 each with the original tags still on.

And no, this post isn’t sponsored by Leota… I just love the brand!

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One thought on “Job Interview Style: Loving Leota Dresses”

  1. I love the dress you picked! I may get that one, I love that print, and with a jacket, it would really look nice.I don’t have enough dresses. Thanks for sharing!

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