July Thrift Haul

It’s time for another monthly thrifting wrap-up and this month I found one of my favorite thrifting scores of the year (so far)!

Pyrex Casserole Dish with Lid, $4.99

OHMYGOSH, love this little casserole dish so much! It is the Golden Garland Pyrex dish and it was a special promotional item released the winter of 1969. I was shocked at what great condition it is in and the fact that the lid wasn’t misplaced over the past 50+ years.

You can see some more of my Pryex collection here: Pyrex Love. I should probably do an updated post at some point since I’ve been thrifting Pyrex here and there.

Lululemon shirt, $5.99

I very rarely find Lululemon out at the thrift stores and if I do it’s either super overpriced or in a very tiny size. I’m guessing this one slipped through the cracks since there was just a little logo on the back that could easily be overlooked. I like the color of this top and the ‘muscle tee’ shape – but the size tag was cut out. I got lucky though and it fits, so yay!  

Peloton shirt, $10.49

This one got marked up because it still had the Peloton retail tags on it for $50. I love Peloton workout clothes though (their leggings are absolutely fantastic), so even at $10.49 this was much cheaper than I would have been able to buy this on sale.

Boden shirt, $3.99

Last top for the trip is this navy cotton slub t-shirt from Boden. It’s just a really well-made basic tee that will get plenty of wear in my closet. It is kind of the perfect oversized, slouchy fit without being TOO oversized and I’ve already worn it twice!

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