June Thrift Haul

This month was a big thrifting month for me, but honestly I made some missteps and they aren’t ALL winners. Luckily thrifting mistakes are relatively inexpensive mistakes to make, so let’s go through what I found during the month of June.

LAND backpack, $7.49

Okay, stick with me for a moment because YES I am aware that this is a diaper bag backpack. I was looking for an insulated bag that we could use for the beach, as we currently stick food and drinks in a grocery bag and then shove them into either a larger beach bag or the back of one of our beach chairs. So, when I saw this insulated diaper backpack I was intrigued. It has a bunch of organizing pockets, an insulated area, it’s huge inside, water resistant and even has padded straps. I feel like it will actually be pretty fantastic for a beach food/drink bag, and I can’t wait to give it a try when we go to Ocean City later this summer.

Max Studios skirt, $6.99

Okay, don’t sleep on the high-low skirts because it’s such an easy fix! I loved the fabric weight, print and fit of this skirt, and it took less than 10 minutes to cut it, pin it and sew a new hem:

I love this skirt for summer and I’ve already worn it to work once so far.

Workout shorts, $4 (sale)

I grabbed these workout shorts and crossed my fingers that they’d fit because they got rid of all our fitting rooms. These have built-in bike shorts, with the floral portion fitting a little looser. I’ve worn them once so far and they’re okay. A little *too* fitted for me, but okay. I may put these in the back of a drawer to see if they fit better when my weight fluctuates down a little.

Lacy/Crochet cardigan, $3 (sale)

Once again, I was using my imagination for this one. I liked the lightweight lace, but fully acknowledge that it looks super dated when put over a top and shorts. Which is why I chopped it off at the waist to try it layered over dresses. And honestly, it’s not great and will most likely make its way back to the donate pile.

Chana dress, $30

I think this came from Anthropologie based on the tags that were still on it for $170. I love the fit of the dress and the weight of the heavy cotton fabric. I was a little flummoxed about that deep v though, until I realized that I can style it like a pinafore for work! By layering it over a blouse and topping it with a straw belt, it makes it much more casual and I can get so much more wear out of it. I think this one will also look fun styled for cooler weather with a black blouse and knee-high boots. Or a sweater on top, tights and ankle booties.

Kate Spade Viva Colores Sidney skirt, $11.29

I was super excited to find this colorful cotton skirt from Kate Spade, but when I got it home and tried it on it’s not really doing much for me. Weirdly, the waistband is way too loose (which yes, I can fix), but the length is also a little short on me. I tried it over top of a fluffier slip-like skirt for a two-toned look and it’s okay, but just not thrilling me. This has been added to my Poshmark closet and I hope someone else finds it and loves it.

Starbucks ceramic mug, $3.99

I have two Starbucks ceramic travel mugs and they are great for mornings that I want to sip my coffee on my way into the office. This one was pretty and in perfect condition, so I figured I’d add it to my cupboard.

Dona Joe Running skirt, $7.99

Another day, another running skirt. I’ve been very into skorts for our evening walks lately, so I scooped this one up (once again, without trying it on). It’s cute and I think it may also be a fun swim coverup later this summer.

Anthropologie skirt, $5.29

Sigh. Another skirt bummer. This one is new with $130 tags on it from Anthropologie and it’s too tight in the waist for me. I hate that they got rid of fitting rooms, because this particular thrift location is about 45 minutes away from my house. As it is, this one has been added to my Poshmark closet too.

Leota dress, $11.99

I love a good Leota jersey dress and the fit and colors of this one are fantastic. This is a great workhorse dress and I especially love them for packing for conferences since they don’t wrinkle. This one will be great in the fall alone, or topped with a blazer or denim jacket.

Coach Dakota purse, $29

I’ve been so jealous of the thrifting girlies who find vintage Coach bags and rehab them… and I’ve been keeping my eyes out for months/years(?) for a vintage Coach of my own from the thrifts. On this particular trip, I actually saw THREE leather Coach bags, but this one was the winner for me. Even though it was in absolutely terrible condition with scratches, pen marks, overall yuck and even paint splatter(?!) on the back. You can have a peek at my rehab on this video, but I’ll be doing a full blog post soon since I’m so pleased with the results:

I researched the heck out of this bag and found that it is actually pretty rare in that it’s from the Dakota collection and each purse was made by hand in 1992. While some of the purses were shown in a Coach catalogue, it doesn’t appear that they did a full roll-out to the public. I found this version in a navy blue and a green, but haven’t found any others listed for sale or sold in the exact version I have in red. With that being said, I’m not looking to resell it, but to enjoy it’s classic design for many years to come.

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