DIY Jungle Animal Baby Shower Favors

It is a baby boom up in here with first my brother and wife’s baby (now 1), then my sister Katie and her husband’s baby (born over the summer) and now my sister Kelsey and her husband’s baby (December due date). I shared the Adorable Personalized M&M Favors I did for Katie’s baby shower back in June. Well, now it’s baby shower favor time for Kelsey’s jungle animal themed shower!

I’m pretty sure Kelsey isn’t a regular blog reader, but if so… LOOK AWAY from this post!

I wanted to do something edible and also tie in the jungle animal theme, which brought me to animal crackers. I mean, they’re perfect! I got a gigantic tub of animal crackers at Costco and also ordered cellphone baggies and some animal themed stickers off Amazon.

I made about 30 baggies of crackers and also mixed in a box of Zebra cakes, just for funsies. I mean, LOOK how cute they turned out:

I was going to use the same basket that I had thrifted for Katie’s shower favors, but needed a bit more space. So, I repurposed this green rope basket that I bought when Jack was a little baby to hold all the treats. The fun green colors also tie in well with the jungle theme.

And with that, I think I’m DONE on baby showers for a while. However, I’m just getting started with all the baby snuggling!

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