October Thrift Haul

This month, I only had one day to make a couple thrift store stops. As it turned out, I mostly struck out in the clothing section… but I did find some other scores!

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A Variety of Vases, $7.50 total

I wasn’t really looking for vases…  but I kept striking gold as I was walking through the ‘random crap on a shelf’ section.

The first one – actually not a vase – that grabbed me was that little bunny holding an egg. I don’t think it’s anything special, but I really liked how simple the design was. I literally put it back on the shelf twice, but then when I realized it was only $1.50… I figured I could make the splurge. I mean, it’s totally already given me $1.50 of happiness!

Here is where she ended up:

Next up, is this beautiful hand-painted Sioux Pottery made by Lakota artists. I know this, because there was a sticker on the bottom that said so and then I did some googling and found the Sioux Pottery company. It was made in South Dakota and found it’s way to Maryland, where I scooped it up for $2.00.

Here is where it ended up:

The other two vases were both handmade and I was able to track one of their makers down. The blue and brown/cream vase had “Lukacs Pottery 89” carved into the bottom of it and I found that it is a shop in Sodus Point, New York owned by Mark and Cathy Lukacs. They have been full-time studio potters since 1978 and my piece was made in 1989. Similar vases are listed on their website for $40 – 60 and I found mine for just $2.00

The other vase may be someone’s personal creation, because as hard as I try to track down the signature I can’t find it. It is beautiful though and I’m so happy to add it to my mantle. Once again, just $2. Here is where they both will live in my house for now:

Lands End kid’s raincoat, $6

I was checking the kid’s section for a super soft lightweight sweatshirt like one Jack wears all the time, and I found this brand-new condition Lands End raincoat. Jack isn’t much of a fan of coats in general (he prefers sweatshirts or puffy vests), but I thought he might like the color combo. It was only $6, so we will see if it gets any wear. The same exact coat is retails for $45 on the Lands End website.

Hand-knit blanket, $6

I thrifted a rainbow afghan a few months ago, and ever since then I always do a little check of the blanket’s section to see what I find. I’m hoping to find more handmade quilts to add to my collection, but this blanket was so cute I couldn’t leave it behind. It was probably made as a decorative baby blanket, and it’s perfect as a ‘lap blanket’ for snuggling up on the sun room couch.

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