Koala Crate: Arctic

Jack has been getting Koala Crate boxes since August, but I’ve only blogged about a couple of them in the fall. If you are interested in checking out our previous boxes, you can see our August “In the Garden” Crate here and our September “Reptiles” Crate here.

As a quick refresher…

What is Koala Crate?
Koala Crate is a subscription box specially designed for children ages 3 to 4 that includes all the materials and inspiration for projects related to a monthly theme. Crates are designed to give preschoolers exposure to new materials and new concepts that encourage hand-on learning and fun. Monthly subscriptions cost $19.95 per month.

The January Crate theme was Arctic, which worked out perfectly because we opened it while we were snowed in a couple weekends ago!

Here are the three projects that were included in the box:

Project #1: Sparkle Snowflake Stamp
Items in Crate: Yarn and needle, foam stamp, foam handle, ink pad and wrapping paper.

Koala Crate - project 1

For this project you are supposed to thread the needle with the yarn and lace it though holes in the stamp. Then, you attach the handle and use it to stamp snowflakes all over the wrapping paper. To be honest, I think that the stamp would have worked/looked a lot nicer without the yarn. However, Jack had a good time making the stamp and creating his own wrapping paper.

Project #2: Polar Bear Dress Up
Items in Crate: Headband, felt ears, felt mittens, felt paw stickers and lacing yarn.

Koala Crate - project 2b

As you can see, we did this project the following weekend… after a haircut! Making the ears was easy-peasy – all you had to do was peel off the backing and fold the felt over the headband. However, the paws were a bit more difficult. Jack tried lacing them together, but got quickly frustrated. Instead, he asked me to do that part while he chanted “go mommy, go mommy!” After they were all laced up, he added on the stickers to make the paws and claws.

It goes without saying that this was the cutest project in the box:

Koala Crate - project 2

Project #3: Snowball Toss
Items in Crate: Ping pong ball, sticky dots, bath scrubby and fluffy yarn.

Koala Crate - project 3

For this project you use all the supplies to make two different “snowballs” to throw around. Jack loved putting all the sticky dots on the ping pong ball and then playing catch with his polar bear paws (the dots made the ball stick to the paws). As for the larger yarn covered ball, Ollie promptly stole it and ran off.

Was Koala Crate Worth It?
We split the three projects up into a couple days, which absolutely made this $20 box worth it to us. Just having some projects ready while being snowed in was PRICELESS. We had a lot of fun doing each project and Jack really likes playing catch with his bear paws. He also looks forward to getting his very own yellow box delivered to him each month, so we will definitely be keeping this service if only for how happy it makes him to get mail!

Do you want to try Koala Crate?
If you are interested in trying out Koala Crate yourself or giving it as a gift (they have 3, 6, and 12 month gift subscriptions), I have a special code that gives you $10 off. Just click through here when you sign up.

Do you like subscription services like Koala Crate or would you prefer to create your own fun?


Disclosure: This is NOT a sponsored post. I just decided to try out Koala Crate (with my own money) and thought you might be interested in my thoughts on the service. If you choose to use my special code, you will receive $10 off your order and I will receive a referral benefit as well.

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