I Saw it On Pinterest: ‘Cat Eye’ Eyeliner

So far in my Pinterest adventures, I’ve tackled a braided bun, made some fire starters, tried to unclog a sink drain, made a t-shirt bag, baked some crappy s’mores pockets and made an awesome blanket scarf.

Well I received a liquid liner in my January Birchbox (review of box coming soon) and had the great thought that I’d use some Pinterest tutorials to try the ‘cat eye’ look. I mean, how hard could it be?

I found two posts that sounded perfect to help me figure it out: 22 Genius Eyeliner Hacks Every Woman Needs to Know and 18 Useful Tips for People Who Suck at Eyeliner. Considering that I use eyeliner on a daily basis, I figured that with these 40 new tips I’d be a PRO!

The girl on the pin is exactly the look that I am going for:

cat eye pin

I mean look at her… it’s perfect! And don’t even get me started on the eyebrow jealousy I have going on right now…

So with this exact ‘swoop’ in mind, I readied myself. I read EVERY SINGLE tip in each article. I steadied my hand on my face. I made small dots with the liquid liner and slowly smudged them together. I tried making the liner extend out on a curve… only to realize it was randomly curving down when I stopped pulling my skin tight. I wiped it off with makeup remover and tried it again.

And again.
And again.
Okay, so I got one side done and it’s not TOO awful.

cat eye 2

And then, I did the other side.

cat eye 3

What the hell just happened here?!
I’m not even kidding when I say that this is literally the best that I could do after trying over and over again.

Even when it seemed like I was doing a good job, I’d back up from the mirror to look and I pretty much looked CRAZY.


cat eye 4

Maybe I just need more practice? Like months and months of more practice…

Have you perfected the art of the ‘cat eye’?

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13 thoughts on “I Saw it On Pinterest: ‘Cat Eye’ Eyeliner”

  1. Oh man, I feel you. I feel like I’m kind of a wreck with eyeliner as a rule… Of course that doesn’t stop me from wielding it. All the eyeliner tips and tricks I see seem to gloss over the fact that I’m a bit of an idiot when it comes to makeup and “blending” is not a thing I am capable of. WHERE ARE THE DUMMY PROOF MAKEUP TUTORIALS?

  2. I’m okay with makeup, but I haven’t mastered the cat eye. My sister is SO GOOD at it. I don’t know how people do it!

  3. I’ve been doing it for years and I determined it’s all about the right eyeliner! Different eye shapes work better with different liners but for me I am all about stila waterproof liquid eyeliner pens. It’s kinda pricey but lasts for months! What kind did birchbox give you?

    1. I tried it with the Eyeko Fat Liquid Liner that Birchbox sent me, but you have a really good point. I’m going to try again with a thinner liquid liner I have and see if I can do better!

  4. I’m pretty make-up challenged in general and yet eyeliner is the one thing I can totally do. Pencil and liquid.

    Filling in my brows and anything eye-shadow is totally beyond me.

    Basically anything involving blending.

  5. Hahahah, I consistently have this problem. To the point that I just stick with brown liner smudged into my lash line. No worries, no perfection required.

  6. Like Jesse above me, I also came to the comments to recommend the stila liquid eyeliner pens. I am terrible with eyeliners, but can make this one work. I go light with it when it’s new and dark, and then as it runs out and lightens up, I will go a little more dramatic with it. Highly recommended.

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