Let the Demo BEGIN!

It’s happening! It’s happening! I’m finally about to start working on my ugly green bathroom!!!!

Just take a look at the number of exclamation points I just used, can you feel my excitement?

I mentioned in my Bedroom Inspiration post that I had started ripping things out of my ugly green bathroom, but was stuck until my dad could come over to help me finish removing the door rail from the stupid tub.

Well, my dad is coming over to save the day this weekend! Heck YEAH!

So in anticipation of my dad coming over, my husband and I took a fun little trip to Home Depot and purchased some of the things that I’ve been stalking for our new bathroom.

Now let me remind you, this isn’t going to be a full renovation because it would break the bank for us to rip out the ugly green tub. So, we’re leaving it there and just covering it with a new shower curtain. The tile-work in the tub is in great condition (other than the one tile my husband ripped out of the wall by “helping” me with my project…) and the floor is fine as well.

Here’s what I hope to start on this weekend:

  • Finish removing the metal track that remains from shower doors.
  • Remove the old shower curtain rod and determine whether I can spray paint it (or just throw it away).
  • Remove broken hooks on the back of the door.
  • Remove the green toilet and replace it with our brand-new white one.
  • Remove the green sink and replace it with our brand-new vanity and faucet.
  • Replace the current shower head with a handheld version to make it easier to wash Jack.

List for a future weekend:

  • Whatever didn’t get done this weekend.
  • Remove the medicine cabinet and lighting fixture.
  • Refinish the mirror that came with our vanity (I don’t like matchy-matchy) and hang it over the sink.
  • Buy and install a new lighting fixture.
  • Decide on paint color, then sand and paint the walls (something from the light smoky blue color family).
  • Buy and put up new artwork.

Here’s a little sneak peek of the direction that I’m going to go in:

1. Graduated Stripe Shower Curtain from West Elm, $15.00

2. Progress Lighting Fixture from Home Depot, $95.00

3. American Classics Vanity from Home Depot (comes with sink AND mirror), $150.00

4. Assorted art inspiration ideas from Pinterest

5. Recycled Jersey Bath Mat from West Elm (or something similar) $24.00

6. Brushed Nickel Faucet from Home Depot, $26.00

7. White Toilet from Home Depot, $150 (can’t remember which one we picked, so no link)

So I cannot WAIT until this weekend when my dad comes over. He and I are going to tear this bathroom apart and make it into something so much nicer, for less than $500! My goal is to have an “in progress” post update after this weekend’s work and hopefully have a final reveal before Thanksgiving.

What do you think; would you do a half-renovation project like me in order to keep the costs down? Or would you just save up the money and wait until you could rip the whole place down to the studs?

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4 thoughts on “Let the Demo BEGIN!”

  1. God bless you, Joules! We probably should remodel our bathroom since the previous owners’ DIY job has led to serious grout cracking… But I don’t want to! At all. I would save up until forever and hire someone to do it. I would get down with my green toilet bad self. You are amazing. Good luck!

    1. Grout cracking between the tiles? You might be able to just have someone remove the old grout and spread in some new stuff to keep from mold growing. And I’m so not amazing for my easy-peasy renovations that I do — I just like playing with my tools. =)

  2. Ohmyword JEALOUSY!!! But happy for you:) You are totally making me want to just KNOCK A WALL DOWN right now. I’m really thinking about it. Because then we HAVE to do the work, you see….good luck girl, put on photos!!! We redid our bathroom when we first moved here…it was powder blue and neon pink tiles. WIN.

    1. I know, right!? Now that I have a plan I can not stop obsessing about the project until it can finally get started. And that just makes me want to rip apart my entire house at once — darn work, gets in the way of all my big ideas!

      Your old bathroom sounds horrendous! Do you have any pictures from before you did your reno?

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