Let’s Talk Fall TV: What I’m Adding to my Tivo

I love TV. I don’t understand how people can live without a television, because I love the feeling of getting lost in a show and yelling at the characters. I get invested in the storylines and am super sad over the summer when there is NOTHING new to watch besides a million episodes of House Hunters.

To give you an idea of what I like, here’s what my current Tivo list looks like:

Glee – I’ve been watching since the beginning and need to see it through to the end. At this point, I can’t just GIVE UP on them… and there is only one more season!

Bones – I started by binge watching the first few seasons on DVD and have watched it ever since. Dr. Sweets is my favorite character. And Booth when he’s mostly naked.

New Girl – I LOVE this show and I’m kind of happy that Nick and Jess broke up. Schmidt and Cece need to get back together ASAP though.

The Mindy Project – I don’t think it’s possible for me to love Mindy any more. I also follow Mindy Kaling on instagram and she’s awesome. Mindy + Danny 4Eva. Except I loved Preacher Casey too – especially when he started the Frat party fight.

Revenge – The show has had its ups and downs, so I’m intrigued with where they are going to go this year. It has the unique ability to have a GASP-worth moment right at the end of the episode that makes you go, “WHHAAAT!?!?”

Hart of Dixie – I’m a total Zade-shipper and NEED them back together ASAP! Also, I’m curious if they are going to write Rachel Bilson’s pregnancy into the show. Zade baby?!

Orphan Black – I have a massive girl-crush on Tatiana Maslany and a huge boy-crush on the character of Felix. I need him in my life. Honestly, this is probably my FAVORITE show (along with Orange is the New Black).

Ground Floor – It’s got Skylar Astin in it, the sexy main guy from Pitch Perfect. This is one of those cute comedies that remind me of Scrubs. And not just because it has Dr. Cox in it.

CSI – I’m pretty sure I’ve watched every episode and I can’t stop now.

These are my main shows, but I also watch Orange is the New Black on Netflix, as well as some summer reality shows (Project Runway, So You Think You Can Dance and sometimes America’s Next Top Model if there is nothing else on).

Since shows are always ending (RIP Lost, Being Human, Gilmore Girls, How I Met Your Mother, Prison Break, etc), I usually try to check out a few new shows each Fall to add to my ‘must watch’ list. Sometimes, I only watch an episode or two and then delete the show. Other times, I find a new favorite.

So that brings us to this fall’s lineup. After checking out a bunch of previews of new shows on eOnline, here are the ones that I’ll be adding to my Tivo:

Red Band Society {starts 9/17 on Fox}

So, initially I thought the premise sounded kind of depressing: kids in a hospital. Ugh. But then I watched the preview and this is the FIRST show that I’m actually super excited about this year. I kind of already love all the characters.

Gotham {starts 9/22 on Fox}

I have a total weakness for superhero movies, especially the X-men. So, when I saw this preview I was a bit concerned that they were biting off a bit more than they can chew for a TV show. It looks AWESOME though and has Ryan Atwood from the OC. BONUS!

The Flash {starts 10/7 on the CW}

Here’s another of those superhero-type shows, but this one is staring the douchy guy from Glee. So I’m super surprised that I can’t wait to check it out. I mean, it is very possible that I might get bored of it within a few episodes but you don’t know until you try!

Jane the Virgin {starts 10/13 on the CW}

Hmm… I’m kind of torn on this one. I mean, it looks pretty funny but you REALLY have to have the whole suspension of disbelief thing going on. The main actress seems super likeable though, almost like a sassy version of Ally McBeal. Wait, am I old… do you guys remember Ally McBeal?!

Tell me, what is your FAVORITE TV show that you never miss? Is there a new show coming out that you’re super excited about? Are you racing over to your DVR to immediately add The Red Band Society?


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14 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Fall TV: What I’m Adding to my Tivo”

  1. I watch a ridiculous amount of show bc I have a DVR… And I love my DVR!!! Lots of crime shows – csi, criminal minds, both NCIS, SVU, bones… You get the point 🙂 I’m still loyal to grey’s anatomy bc well I’ve watched since the beginning! And i watch a bunch of others but I can’t think of them all (and you would probably judge me for the amount of shows I watch) I would say my favorite show is Sons of Anarchy though which is the other side of the law! It makes me feel like a badass 🙂

    PS there are totally great shows on in the summer! Rookie blue, royal pains, Graceland, perception (see what I mean about crime shows?! Lol)

    1. I’m in a love affair with my Tivo. You’re totally right that it makes it easy to watch a lot of TV… I skip all commercials and watch my programs when I actually HAVE downtime. I didn’t include my Netflix obsession… Alias (again), Being Human: UK, Orange is the New Black…

  2. I started watching Naked and Afraid last night and thought of you! Right now my addictions are:
    – Outlander: OMG! History, gorgeous men in kilts, war, and my hubby likes it too! (There’s boobs and blood for the guys.)
    – The Killing: This is my guilty pleasure, I watch it alone because hubby said it was too depressing when Season 1 was on. The acting is incredible! Season 4 just hit Netflix, think it may be Netflix only now.
    – Waiting for Survivor to come back, it’s kinda our thing to root for the good guys and talk trash about the jerks and sluts.
    – Under The Dome: it’s about to end for the season but it’s one of my fave books so I’m sticking with it even though it’s not as good as the book.
    – Louie: when is he coming back? I love him.
    – Newsroom: I’m late to the party and binge watching Season 1 when I can. This show makes me cry. Ugly cry. It’s so friggin amazing.
    – Silicon Valley: it’s actually good. Hilarious. Yes, the men out here really are that awkward.
    I’m not sure these are “fall” shows beyond Survivor. The new show I’m most looking forward to is Sons of Liberty (History channel) and I’m going to start watching Vikings.

      1. Totally read the books first. I love the books and I’m enjoying the show but not LOVING the show as much. I have issues with some of the acting. I think people that love the books are willing to forgive the acting because the love the characters, where the people I know that haven’t read the books are a bit more conscious of some of the cheesy moments.

  3. Here are my top things I’m going to check out this season:

    Red Band Society (Love the premise – looks really good)
    Gotham (pre-superheros/villains)
    Gracepoint (murder mystery miniseries)
    How To Get Away With Murder (Shonda Rhimes latest)
    A to Z (Cristin Milloti HIMYM’s Mother!)
    Marry Me (Casey Wilson – Happy Endings RIP)
    Manhattan Love Story (Evan from “Greek”)

    And probably some of the other sitcoms…

    1. Oh, I totally forgot about A to Z. I think that might be mid-season replacement though? I was initially intrigued by How to Get Away with Murder, but something about it kinda turned me off.

  4. In our house, we are looking forward to the final season of Sons of Anarchy. The last episode of the last season made me cry and I won’t tell you what I want to happen in the final season because it would ruin it for anyone who hasn’t seen the previous season. We’ve started watching Last Ship, which we both like, and Graceland. I also still watch Pretty Little Liars, I can’t stop now because I’ve watched every single episode since it started. Partners is new and pretty funny. I’m also addicted to anything those Scott brothers do on HGTV.

    1. Be honest, does your husband secretly watch Pretty Little Liars? Because I thought Travis was ignoring when I had Gilmore Girls and Hart of Dixie on the TV… but then I totally caught him making a Gilmore Girls reference!! 😉

  5. Hubby and I love the Big Bang Theory and Modern Family. I really want to laugh after a long day at work. We also enjoy Downton Abbey (couldn’t believe he was into it too until he got mad at me for watching an episode without him) and was super excited to see a trailer for the new season. I also love Call the Midwife, the Middle and Nashville. We are watching Greys Anatomy, not because we really love it any more, but since I have watched it since the beginning. I was into Scandal, but last season really turned me off and I think the season ended with a perfect series ending for me, so I won’t be tuning in this season. Love TV too, even though we don’t have cable (gasp).

  6. I’m not a huge TV person, I cancelled my cable after the fire and don’t really miss it. I am loving The Mindy Project, I’m watching it on Netflix and I’m curious to see what they’re going to do with the end of Glee.

    Woo Hoo for Orphan Black (it’s filmed here in Toronto) and woo hoo for The Flash. Looking forward to it and looking forward to the Arrow cross-over episode (apparently episode 6 for both shows will be back to back awesomeness). On a side note, Stephen Amell from Arrow is from Toronto and used to live like 2 blocks from me back in the day. I secretly wonder if I ever saw him at the grocery store and thought he was hot.

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