Reviewing MissionCute: the August Box

You know how I like a fun surprise gift in the mail? I mean, who DOESN’T when as a grown-up most of your mail is bills, coupons to places you don’t go, and junk you don’t even open?

We were getting the Citrus Lane boxes for a long time, but stopped a few months ago when Jack grew out of them. I’ve also tried out the Wantable boxes, Brit Kits, Darby Smart boxes and even Fair Ivy’s subscription.

Yeah, that’s right. I tried them ALL like a kid running around in a candy shop. At this point, I don’t have any subscription boxes coming to our house on a regular basis (other than Stitch Fix, of course). So, I was extra excited when MissionCute contacted me.

Mission Cute - August box

MissionCute offers subscription boxes that give back. Each box comes with at least two items made by small artisans and local business. Each month they also partner with a different nonprofit to help promote their mission, raise awareness, AND donate 50% of their monthly net profits to their organization. You can check out all of their previous nonprofit partners here.

Pretty impressive, right?
Let’s take a look inside this month’s box:

Mission Cute - bracelet

Item #1: Ekubo Ministries bracelet
The August MissionCute box benefits Ekubo Ministries. Ekubo Ministries works towards accomplishing the goal of serving the vulnerable children and developing strong and sustainable communities in Uganda. They also provided the very first item in the box, a bracelet made by women by taking otherwise discarded paper and rolling it into beads, which are then varnished.

I love this bracelet and I think that I’ll get a lot of wear with this stacked with a few others. I’m also totally adding this shirt from their Etsy shop to my Christmas list. Anyone want to buy it for me?!

Mission Cute - wine topper

Item #2: Wine Topper from CapaBunga
I know what you’re thinking… “Joules, you actually open a bottle of wine and you DON’T FINISH IT?!” Um yeah, all the darn time. So I love having some wine toppers around the house to keep the wine fresh. This one is made out of silicone and fits virtually every wine bottle. They say you can even rest a bottle on its side or upside down without leaking… so I’ll need to open a bottle ASAP so I can try this out.

Mission Cute - key chain station

Item #3: Birdhouse Key chain Station
Holy moley this is absolutely adorable. The white birdhouse mounts on a wall and the pink bird key chain slips out to attach to your keys. No more setting your keys down somewhere and forgetting them… now you can just dock the bird in its house! To add to the cute factor, the bird is even a whistle. Tweet, tweet.

Mission Cute - soap

Item #4: Proper Soap in Elderflower
Is it odd to want to snort a soap? It just smells so darn GOOD! The Elderflower soap also has lychee, pear and marine notes… which is fancy for saying “yum.” The Proper people are real French artisan soap makers who uphold the French tradition of milling soap, which means no parabens, animal products, unnecessary dyes or chemicals. Oh, and it’s darn cute. I’m beginning to see where they got their name MissionCUTE.

Mission Cute - headband

Item #5: Soft Cotton Headband
So I see these headbands on fashion girls all over the place, which means they are super cool right now. This one is a pretty grey color and made out of an incredibly soft cotton… so I really WANT to like it. I guess I’m just not a thick cotton headband kinda girl. You know who DOES look good in it though?

Mission Cute - Ollie in headband

Sexy little minx.

So there you go my friends, I think I have actually found my new FAVORITE subscription box for a hodge podge of fun stuff! The cost of the box is $39 for one month, $108 for three months, or $198 for 6 months. Yes, it’s a bit pricey… but this could be the PERFECT gift for someone on your holiday gift list that is so hard to buy for. Or yourself.

They also offer a refer-a-friend bonus. If you refer two friends who purchase boxes, you’ll get the next month’s box for free. Click here if you’d like to use my special MissionCute referral link.

What do you think, does this subscription box look like something you’d like to receive? Do you look adorable in those cotton headbands? And by that, I mean cuter than Ollie…?


Disclaimer: MissionCute provided me with a free box for review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. If you choose to click through on the referral link I provided, I will be able to earn a free MissionCute box for the future. Thank you in advance for anyone who decided to click through, because I’m in love with this box and would totally want to get another one!

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2 thoughts on “Reviewing MissionCute: the August Box”

  1. I love your honest reviews, they make me happy. The bracelet that’s made out of paper is so unique, I’ve never even heard of that. I love that the company gives back, too! Ollie looks adorable in what I assume is now HIS headband 🙂

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