Loving Right Now: Brittany Runs a Marathon

For my birthday this past weekend, Travis and I had a weekend away and it was fabulous! One of the things we love to do when we go to the Northern Virginia area is see a movie at the Alamo Drafthouse (you can order freshly baked cookies and cold milk to come out to you DURING the movie!).

This time, I knew exactly which one I wanted… Brittany Runs a Marathon.

You guys. This movie was SOOOO good. It’s really funny and touching and I full-on cried at one part. I mean, tears down both cheeks and I had to stop myself from making that weird sobbing noise. My husband really liked it too (but says he didn’t cry…) and we both felt super inspired to make some small changes in our lives too.

Go see it.

Go see it.

Go see it.

And then let’s talk about it!

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