Loving Right Now: Lost Girl

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You guys, I’m on QUITE the Netflix binge right now. My husband and I have a few shows we watch together, but I also always have a show or two that I watch by myself. It works out well, because then I have something I can watch at lunchtime (without getting the side eye for leaving him in the dust…).

My current obsession? Lost Girl.

I remember seeing previews for this show on the Syfy channel when I would watch Being Human a few years ago. So, when I saw it on Netflix I figured I’d give it a try by watching the first episode.

The premise is about a woman named Bo, who finds out that she’s not human, but a succubus who feeds on the sexual energy of humans. She becomes a part of the Fae world (other people with powers) and searches for the truth of her origins.

It ran from 2010 – 2015, so I had a hard time finding a good trailer of the first season. Once you hit play below, click on the ‘full screen’ option to see it better:

Yeah, it’s a little sci-fi-ish. But I LOVE it.

In the first season, each episode has a mystery of the week to solve, but also an overarching storyline. There are a bunch of love interests – the most important being Lauren and Dyson. I’m Team Dyson… because he’s awfully cute. Lauren is just a little… boring. Each character is multi-dimensional with actual flaws. Throughout the series I’ve pretty much loved and then hated everyone. My favorite though is Kenzie, the best friend, heart and side-kick to Bo.

Anyways, I’m hooked on the series. There are 5 seasons in all and I just started the last season. The end of season 4 was really emotional, so I’m hoping for a happy ending soon!

Are you binging anything on Netflix right now?

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