Loving Right Now: Uncoupled

It’s been a long time since I’ve binged a new television show. At this point, I pretty much just watch whatever new Marvel show is on Disney+ and watch new seasons of shows I already love when they come out. However, I recently saw a trailer for Neil Patrick Harris’ new show, Uncoupled, and I was pulled right in.

It’s 8 episodes and I watched them ALL in a day. This is pretty much unheard of for me – but it was like a perfect storm of being stuck in a room keeping Ollie quiet while the tile guys worked on our new shower and I had just finished a book. So… BOOM all 8 episodes of Uncoupled.


I loved the characters and the friendships and even the cringy bits. So, so good!

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4 thoughts on “Loving Right Now: Uncoupled”

  1. Oh good! I’ve read mixed reviews and wasn’t sure if I should give it a try or not. I just finished Black Bird (amazing!) and Midnight Mass (terrifying!).

  2. I don’t have YouTube TV,would they show it on regular YouTube,after it has been out for awhile on YouTube TV? Thanks.

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