Master Bathroom: Demo Day & Progress

We are FIRMLY in the ‘it gets worse before it gets better’ stage of our renovation project. The stage where there is a light dusting of drywall dust all over the house, everything is a mess and things are displaced into weird rooms.

You know, this stage:

As I mentioned in my planning post (Master Bathroom Planning: The Before), we knew this project was going to snowball. In order to turn our spare room into a master bathroom and walk-in closet, it was going to impact not only that room but our bedroom, living room, kitchen and current master bathroom.

We started with Demo Day on Sunday, April 24th. My dad, Travis and I ripped out 3 walls of drywall, the carpet and ceiling fan in the room that will become the master bathroom. We also ripped open the wall and part of the ceiling in the living room/kitchen to make way for plumbing and heating.

And yes, I yelled out DEMO DAY before ripping down a wall with my bare hands. As you do.

Here are some pictures from that first day:

Bathroom side:

Living Room:

Then, the following Friday, my dad and his helper framed in the new space and put the shower stuff where it will go in.

Last week, things got a bit more interesting. And messy.

On Thursday, my dad and his helper did more framing, added some drywall, moved around some electrical outlets/switches and started working on the shower situation. Then, on Saturday, my dad took down the drywall between the new master bathroom and our bedroom and re-framed and drywalled a new wall which made our bedroom 26” bigger.

The plumber did the first day of his 2-day job where he started running all the plumbing from the basement, through the living room and up to the new bathroom. This meant my dad had to take out MORE drywall in the living room, which resulted in a total mess. I left the house for the day, so Travis assisted my dad and according to him walked up and down the stairs a billion times.

Here is where we are now:

Same view as above of looking into the closet/bathroom:

Current status of the shower:

The view of my bedroom wall when I left the house on Sunday morning:

And the view when I got home (the black mat is where the door will be):

And my living room right now:

As I mentioned… A MESS. But a productive mess? This is exactly 2 weeks into the project and I think this is as bad as it’s going to get before it starts getting better. Or, at least that’s what I’m telling myself.

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One thought on “Master Bathroom: Demo Day & Progress”

  1. Wow! That is coming along! You are so lucky to have a dad that is so talented. And, still able to do this kind of work. That’s really going to be beautiful.

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