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I had a surprise open weekend day the Saturday of Mother’s Day weekend, so I decided to grab my friend and do a little antiquing in Deale, Maryland. We LOVE shopping in Deale because there is such a fun variety of antiques, consignment stores, and local artist shops. On this trip, I actually had a few things I was looking for, but when it comes to this type of shopping… you just have to trust that the right items will find you.

Here are the treasures I found:

Linda Lloyd Etchings, $28 each

I initially pointed out the chipmunk etching to my friend, because her boyfriend has a pet squirrel. But then, when I was doing a second loop of the store, I saw the bird etching by the same artist.

The artist, Linda Lloyd, was famous for her wildlife etchings and from the research I did, I’m guessing these are from the mid 70’s. The bird is 95/100 and the squirrel is a one-of-a-kind artist proof. I love them both and they will be perfect in our living room once I put it back together. The chipmunk has a crack in the corner of the glass, so I’m thinking of changing out the frames to something a bit more gold and gilded. I’ll keep you posted on where they end up!

Hamilton Letterpress Drawer, $21

I love this little letterpress drawer with all the fun sized little spaces. If you tilt it on its side, there are even handwritten letters on each spot that shows which letter lived where.

One of my loves is typography and graphic design, so this find was a perfect fit for me. I’m thinking I will hang it up and put little stuff on display – perhaps a mix of small gemstones, lego people, whatever else catches my eye.  Fun fact: there is actually a Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum in Wisconsin and I would totally go if I lived closer.

Original Oil Paintings by Glenn Stewart, $25 each

I’ve purchased a small oil painting by Glenn Stewart in the past and I love his little creations. He paints up a storm and then drops a stack of canvases off at a local art studio. I went through his latest pieces and found these two, which I love.

I’m not entirely sure where they will end up in my house yet, or if I’ll leave them unframed or mat and frame them. All I know is if I see affordable, original art that I love… I’m going to buy it and add it to my collection.

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  1. My brother in law, made a coffee table for his father, who had always been in the newspaper business. The table had little drawers,that pulled out, and in each drawer were metal type setting pieces. My father in law’s father, had a printing business where he used these kind of type pieces. So, it had a lot of meaning. Possibly, your lettered areas, had been for typesetting pieces. At any rate, a very interesting find!

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