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My husband I were recently talking about shopping and I said that if I had to pick the top three stores where I get my clothing at this point, it would be: the thrift store, Nordstrom Rack or Anthropologie. But then when I started thinking about it, I replaced Anthro with Poshmark. The first place I look is ALWAYS Poshmark and I’ve given lots of secondhand items a new life in my closet. Of course, I’ve also sold my own items too… just to keep the balance.

Throughout the year, I add items to my Poshmark closet as I do little cleanouts here and there. If I no longer love an item, it gets ruthlessly purged (either to my Poshmark closet or to a donation bag). Also, as Jack outgrows clothing and shoes if the items are still in good condition I go ahead and post them too.

Sold on Poshmark:

Here is what has sold from my closet since the start of 2022:

  • Marni dress, $65
  • Eileen Fisher sweater, $20
  • Kid’s Super Mario sweatshirt, $9
  • Loft dress, $15
  • Frank & Eileen blouse, $30
  • Eileen Fisher zip tunic, $22
  • Levi’s pull-on skinny jeans, $14
  • Swedish Hasbeen clogs, $60
  • Kid’s tie dye Rothy’s, $18
  • Rothy’s spotted loafers, $100
  • Leota dress, $22
  • Eileen Fisher boatneck sweater, $19
  • J.Crew shirt, $15
  • Frye sneakers, $34

My total of sales was $443 before Poshmark fees (20%).

The tie dye Rothy’s and Super Mario sweatshirt were outgrown from Jack’s closet. The clogs and sneakers both ended up being super uncomfortable for me, so I sold them. As for the rest, it was loved, worn and then sent back into the world.

Purchased on Poshmark:

Of course, I have also purchased items on Poshmark. I actually just leave my sold balance in my account and use it for my purchases… so it’s kind of like ‘free money’.

  • Vintage Embroidered Denim Jacket, $60
  • Zara rainbow stripe skirt, $20
  • Cloth & Stone tie top, $28
  • 2 Kantha Vintage scarves, $25 (used here)
  • Eileen Fisher sweater, $35
  • Anthropologie Polka dot midi skirt, $76
  • Anthropologie beaded tulle skirt, $90
  • Alexis x Target shirtdress in black and white, $60
  • Alexis x Target shirtdress in blue, $40
  • Anthropologie embroidered cardigan, $15

My total for 2022 so far: $449

Without fees, I’d pretty much be breaking even. As it is, I love giving secondhand items a new home. I especially love finding beautiful items at a small percentage of their original price. For example, the Anthropologie beaded tulle skirt that I picked up for $90 was new with the tags on it for $330. The Eileen Fisher sweater I bought for $35 still had the tags on it for $168.

Also, in looking at my Poshmark purchases on the photo grid — it would make a really cute capsule collection!

Here are some of my Poshmark scores in action over the last few months:

If you’ve been thinking about trying Poshmark, you can use my special invite code to open an account and get $5 off your first order. Just use: POCKETFULOFJOUL And here is a direct link to my closet: Feel free to make an offer on something if you love it!

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