May Thrift Haul

I suppose this post should actually be called May “secondhand” haul, because none of these items were thrifted. Instead, I had a super fun weekend in Annapolis/Edgewater/Deale with my friend Lindsey and picked up a few treasures along my way at secondhand, consignment, and antiques stores. Let’s check out my treasures!

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Cronin Tulip Pitcher, $9

I loved the look of this little pitcher, so I wasn’t surprised at all when I came home and did a little research to find that it is from the 1950’s. I scooped it up for only $9 with the intention to add it to my pretty Pyrex display in my china cabinet. While I felt great about that purchase, I felt even better when I came across the EXACT pitcher at another antique store later that day… for $20. If you search ebay, you can find my pitcher and many similar designs ranging from $20 – $40.

Brooch, $3

This sparkly little brooch doesn’t have any markings on it, so it’s most likely nothing special. However, I love the antique rhinestones that have a little bit of age to them. This simple style will look pretty on my cardigans when I want to add a little extra sparkle to my work outfits.

Cutting Board, $28 and Vase $9

There were two of these pretty blue beaded bud vases and I kept looking at them every time I’d walk by. When Lindsey picked up one, I had to pull the trigger and we both bought matching bud vases. Since she influenced my vase purchase, I had to do her the favor of influencing her cutting board purchase. I bought this pretty little striped version and she ended up with a solid walnut version. No regrets!

Kantha Quilt, $35

I had actually been doing some light internet stalking for a Kantha quilt a couple months ago and never decided on one that I loved. If you’re not familiar with Kantha quilts, many of them are made in West Bengal of vintage Indian saris, with no batting and a unique combination of patterns and a straight running stitch. This one is super soft and lightweight, and I love the colors. I think this one will initially be added to my sunroom as a lightweight cover on chilly evenings. But it might make its way to the end of my bed, to add a little pop of color to our bedroom.

Now, onto my clothes haul. I was initially looking for some casual skirts and dresses to add to my closet since I’ve purged so many away. However, all I found was exercise gear. No worries though, I got some fantastic deals!

PraNa leggings, $12

PraNa is a socially responsible, fair-trade company that makes really great athletic clothing. I think these are the Beksa leggings, which retail for $89 on their website. They are in perfect condition, so I figured for $12 I might as well add them to my rotation.

Atheta tank top, $15

Athleta is another fancy brand for athletic clothes (owned by the same company as Old Navy, Gap and Banana Republic). I have a few pairs of Athleta joggers that I LOVE and also a couple pairs of their leggings. Their clothing is built to last and after lots and lots of washing, there is very little wear and pilling. This tank top was in great condition and similar tops are selling for $49 on the Athleta website.

Under Armour Sole of the City half zip, $4.50

 I saw this top on the rack and HAD to have it. I actually have the tank top version of this shirt that I purchased last time I ran the Sole of the City 10k. This long sleeve version was probably sold after the race for $50 – 75ish. It’s super comfortable and in perfect condition and I will absolutely get some wear out of it when the weather is chilly. It was also marked all the way down to $4.50. SCORE!

Lululemon Align Joggers, $35

I’m pretty sure this is the third time straight that I found Lululemon while out ‘picking’ with Lindsey. And Every. Dang. Time. It is in her size and too small for me. I found like 5 new with tags items over the weekend and gave them to her to try on… and she said she didn’t like the joggers because they came up too high on the tummy. Well, I LOVE pants that suck my tummy in, so I decided to give them a try even though they are an 8 and I’m more of a 10/12ish. As luck would have it, they fit great and I finally thrifted my very first Lululemon item. These retail for $98, so even though $35 is paying up for secondhand…since they still had the tags on them, I’ll allow it!

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