May Thrift Haul

This was an extra lucky thrifting month for me and I’m excited to share it with you guys! I ended up with some fantastic home items, a super sparkly tank top and some adorable kid’s clothes that I chopped apart.

Let’s take a look:

Cactus picture, $14.50

You guys, this cactus picture was love at second sight. Not first sight – I left it behind at the Goodwill the first time I saw it – but second sight, when I realized a week later that it was a missed connection. Luckily, the picture was waiting for me, still with the brand-new box and tags on it! It looks perfect in it’s rightful place by my bed. Now, that is absolutely giving me more than $14.50 worth of happiness.

Sparkly tank top, $2

When I was planning my outfit for the Taylor Swift show, I knew I wanted something to go with my star + moon tulle skirt for my Midnight’s Era look. Obviously, sparkles was what I needed! I picked up three potential sparkly tops, brought them home to try on, and this one was the winner…for just $1.99! The other two tops went back (my new Goodwill takes returns within 7 days) to the store for someone else to love.

Here it is with my fabulous skirt:

Lu-Ray Cups and Saucer set, $12.50

When I saw these, I loved them. But when I did a little research on the brand… I loved them even more. Lu-Ray Pastels was Taylor, Smith & Taylor’s most popular line of dinnerware. They were made in the United States and was first introduced in the summer of 1938 and discontinued in 1961. Each piece is stamped on the bottom with the date it was made, and my pieces are from the 1940’s.

I purchased the whole set of 4 saucers and 4 mugs for $12.50 total and I’m thrilled to add them to my home!

2 Pottery Cups, $2 each

Here are two more items that I fell in love with immediately. I found these little pottery cups tucked in with the glasses section, but I love them as homes for my tiny succulent plants. These are definitely handmade, but there are no markings (other than a “12” written on the bottom in pencil) to tell me where they came from. They look adorable in my bathroom.

Chive Pooley 2 Vase, $4.50

I’ve seen this vase online before, so when it popped up at my local thrift store in perfect condition with no chips or breaks, I had to grab it. It’s sold online on the Chive website for $34.95, but I purchased mine secondhand for $4.50.

It looks adorable with an assortment of little stems in it on my kitchen counter.

Kid’s clothes, $7.50 (one on half price) down to $6.25 total for three

Last, but not least, I checked the kid’s section for some denim in fun colors and prints. I found these three items, which totaled $6.25 for all of them. These cute little pants and dress were cut down into patches, which I used for a visible mending project on a pair of favorite jeans. And I still have plenty of patches left for future projects!

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