Mish Mash

Since I don’t have a real blog post for you today, I figured I’d just update you on some life randomness.

Running, Running
A friend of mine asked if anyone wanted to run the Iron Girl 5k on Sunday and I impulsively decided to sign up. Although I have been clocking lots of time on the elliptical at home… I haven’t actually run outside for quite a while. In fact, I think the last time I ran outside was on Christmas Eve (because it was unseasonably warm), which was 4 months ago. So, I’m going to go ahead and go out on a limb and say I’m going to be in pain on Monday.

The PG Version Sucks
You guys know how I like to rock out to “Talk Dirty to Me”, right?  Well, apparently some radio stations have decided to omit the rap section in the middle of the song and instead have an extended saxophone solo. Which is weird. However, its extra weird when both Jack and I go to scream out “2 CHAINZ” at the appropriate time… but it’s just a dumb sax solo. On a related note, a 2 year old yelling out “2 CHAINZ” is just as adorable as you would imagine.

Girl Party Time
I was invited to attend a friend’s bachelorette weekend in May (the same friend who is running the 5k with me), which is pretty darn awesome. However, I haven’t met anyone else going, which is kind of scary. It should be fun though with a bunch of ladies, a limo, hotel rooms and a crapload of wine tasting. I’d say I’m equal parts excited and nervous. Mostly over whether I’ll be able to handle my wine (I’m currently in training…) and whether the outfits I picked out will be cute enough.

Drowning & Flashing
Jack and I started swimming classes last Wednesday and I’m pretty sure that the instructor is trying to drown my kid. She went very quickly from the blowing bubbles portion of the class to the your-kid-is-going-to-jump-off-the-side-go-under-the-water-and-try-not-to-drown portion of the class. Jack coughed up a bunch of water and stared at me with accusing eyes for letting this happen. He also pulled down the top of my swimsuit ALMOST low enough to show everyone at the pool my goodies. I’m not sure if this was in retaliation for almost drowning him or not.

Now it’s your turn — what’s going on with your life?

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13 thoughts on “Mish Mash”

  1. WAHOO for random fun!!! Weeeeird I too an running an impulsive 5k and will also probably not be able to move on Monday 😉 And I definitely agree with Katie that you are absolutely wonderful and I can’t imagine anyone not liking you. A little insider tip, the whole group of girls at your friend’s bachelorette party is super fun and it will be a lovely low-key (or not depending on how you decide to roll) weekend!!!

    1. LOL LeeAnne – I was just telling my friend that I couldn’t imagine NOT having a great time at your bachelorette weekend, since you’re so freaking sweet. =)

  2. lol i learned the hard way that treadmill training for a marathon and actual road training are NOT equal.

    I did a 2-day 60K charity walk (35k one day 25k the second)and had done a lot of out door walks around 10-15k but the only 30+ one’s I had done was on a treadmill. Between temperature, elevation and other factors I was hurting at the end of 2 days.

      1. I did it with the company I used to work for. There was a team of us and entrance was only $2k each. I probably wouldn’t have done it on my own. It was a great experience but it was the first weekend in September in a year that had a brutal summer so I got sunburned and the blisters….oh the blisters. I don’t think I walked without a limp for a solid week.

  3. I love the image of a 2 year old yelling “2CHAINZ” at the top of his lungs. 🙂 Just this past weekend, I was rocking out with a little Pandora in the car. Up to this point, my four year old has been all about the “kid” CDs that I made the mistake of introducing him to rather than just regular top hits. But, we seem to have turned a corner and I was letting him upvote or downvote the songs and we agreed on a lot of choices. He gave a big old thumbs up to “Thrift Shop,” of which I heartily approved. So. . .turns out. . .I totally forgot that Pandora doesn’t play the radio edit versions of things. And that song has a LOT more naughty words in it than I ever realized. Oops.

    1. OH NOOOOOO! There is a whole MotherFluffer part in the middle that I’m sure had you scrambling for the radio button! YIKES and HAHAHA =)

  4. I used to run a lot and I’ve been in and out of it for the past few years so now I am actually training again because I’m running a 5k with my sister for her birthday on May 10. I downloaded the C210K app because we’re also running the 10k Across the Bay in November so I need to get ready for that, too. Funny that my “short” runs used to be 5 miles and now I have to train to run 6.

    The bachelorette party will be so much fun! How could anyone not have fun with you? Come on 🙂

    And Jack yelling “2CHAINZ” at the top of his lungs is great. I think you should video that and post it.

    1. I will totally try to video Jack doing his best 2 Chainz…but normally when he sees me pull out the camera he either goes into “cheese” position of smiling or he tries to grab it away so he can see what’s on the screen. lol Good luck on your 10k!!

  5. I’d love to train you at wine drinking! I had near exposure of my goods a while back – I normally wear a lovely key pendant that my father got me in New York, but for some reason I’d left it at home. We were in a busy food court and my darling 3 year old suddenly yelled ‘WHERE’S KEY’ and started trying to crawl down my stretchy low cut top to find it for me. Good luck for your run xx

    1. I’d love to train wine drinking with YOU too! Oh geez, I can just see you scrambling to tug your shirt back up as your 3 year old burrows down into your goodies. LOL!

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