My 200th Blog Post!

Start your slow clap now my friends… it’s my 200th blog post here at Pocketful of Joules!

I started this snazzy little blog on March 25, 2011 with a pretty lame little 150 word greeting to my non-existent readers. I stumbled around a bit at the beginning – and who are we kidding, even now – and wrote about everything from marketing advice to the ups and downs of selling a house.

Yes, I’m eating peppermint whipped cream out of my hand, because I’m classy!

I like to think that I’ve finally found my stride as a blogger. Or if not my stride, at least my little niche where I somehow fit.

Since this is my 200th post I’d really like to take a minute and thank you. Yes, YOU, my amazing and awesome Pocketful readers. At the beginning it was mainly my family members and maybe a Facebook friend or two who would stop by to visit. But now I’m so grateful to have regular visitors that I don’t even KNOW in person. Crazy, right?

In this weird world of blogging, sometimes I want to give up and stop writing. Frankly, everything brilliant has already been said by someone smarter than me and everything funny has already been written by someone so much wittier.

But then I remember; I’m not trying to be brilliant or funny. I’m trying to be HONEST and ME.

I’m proud to say that if you met me in person, I sound and act exactly like I write. I get excited about random stuff and gesture wildly with my hands (much like my sporadic use of ALL CAPS). I’m sometimes quiet and pensive. I freak the smurf out and want to demolish my entire house with nothing but a hammer and duct tape to fix it back up again.

So, by reading this blog you truly ARE getting a Pocketful of ME.

I didn’t start this blog in 2011 thinking that my life would change so quickly or so much. Within the last 200 posts I have lost a job, found a new one, sold a house, bought a house, moved twice, got pregnant, had a baby and watched him grow. People who I used to speak to every single day, I now hardly see. Others who I’ve met in the meantime have become my confidants.

I’ve been both naive and jaded about blogging, but mostly I’ve been grateful to have this outlet. So thank you to everyone out there who has dropped by and stayed for the long haul.

Whether you found me through a friend, by searching for something odd on google or because of my random tweets or Facebook posts, I’d like to THANK YOU for coming.

Go pour yourself a glass of wine, grab a bag of super-sized marshmallows and let’s toast to 200 more posts!

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