My August Wantable Fitness Edit

Last month I tried the Wantable Fitness Edit for the first time (you can check it out here) and liked it so much I decided to do it again for August.

How does a Fitness Edit work?
Here’s the quickie version – you set up your account by filling out a bunch of survey questions with your sizes and preferences for fitness clothing. Wantable charges a $20 styling fee and sends you 5 handpicked items to try on in the comfort of your own home. You have 5 days to decide what you want and clothing prices range based on your preferences between $30 – 70 per item. The best part is that your styling fee is applied towards your final purchase and you get 20% off when you keep 3-4 items, OR $30 percent off when you keep all 5 items!

Last month I received these Allegro Capri pants from Soybu and they have quickly become my favorite running capris!

Want to see what I got this month?

Wantable Fitness Edit August - Pocketful of Joules - gallery

Wantable Fitness Edit August - Climawear Tank Blue - Pocketful of Joules

Item #1: Climawear T-Back Space Dye Tank in Rising Tide
When I ordered my first Fitness Edit in July, I put a note on my account that I don’t like tops that cling to my tummy. It makes me super self-conscious and I prefer tops that flow away a bit, even when running. So, I was pretty annoyed when I opened my August box and found this skin-tight tank top. I hadn’t repeated the note on my August order, but you would think they would look at my entire profile before styling me a box!

With that being said, I don’t hate this top as much as I thought I would. The material is nice and stretchy and I like the look of the t-back. I think the color and pattern also help to hide my tummy (in addition to my high-rise leggings). I just don’t know if I’d feel comfortable enough reach for it when getting dressed.

Wantable Fitness Edit August - Climawear Tank Black - Pocketful of Joules

Item #2: Climawear Showstopper T-Back in Black
Hey look, it’s another skin tight tank top. Great. This one is so much worse with the super high neck that looks like one of my old swim team suits. Also, there are removable boob pads that are totally misplaced. Instead of being over my nips… they are up in my chest area, like some sort of warrior chest plate. I like the t-back, but that’s about it.

Wantable Fitness Edit August - Pink Lotus capris - Pocketful of Joules

Item #3: Pink Lotus Performance Capris in Purple Green
My first thought when I pulled these out of the box were that they were super wild. I mean, I’ve been working my way up to patterned leggings but wowzers. Then, I tried them on a couple times and they are kind of growing on me. I like the solid pink on the sides of the legs and it helps to break up all that crazy pattern. I threw it on with one of my typical running tops and I can totally see me wearing this on my run.

Wantable Fitness Edit August - Pocketful of Joules

Items #4 & #5: Rebecca Michaels Ankle Leggings in Mateo and Mono B Pink Space Dye Leggings
According to my pricing breakdown, the green and blue tie-die pair of leggings are usually $70 but are on sale for $35 this month. So, obviously I was hoping they would fit well and look great. Nope. They must be junior-sized because once I finally pulled them there was muffin top all over place. Because, when you’re putting on workout clothing you want to feel really bad about yourself. Obviously.

The second pair of leggings were cut full-length down to my ankles. I tried them on when I first opened the box and OHMYGOSH they were so itchy I had to immediately pull them back off. I refuse to put them back on again and it’s not even worth it because they looked terrible on me anyways.

Was Wantable’s Fitness Edit Worth It?
After loving last month’s Fitness Edit, I was so disappointed in this one. The stylist totally disregarded my preferences and sent me two skin-tight tank tops. I have $39 credit left on my account, which can cover the $20 styling fee and $19 towards an item. Or, if I decide not to purchase anything I will lose the $20 styling fee and will have $19 towards next month’s Fitness Edit.

So, help me decide which to do:
Option 1: Send it all back and lose my $20 styling fee. I’ll have $19 left over for the September box.

Option 2: Buy the blue space dye tank top for $16 ($20 from styling fee). It seems pretty flattering and maybe I can get over my tummy issues and wear it on my runs. I’ll have $3 left over towards the September box.

Option 3: Buy the Pink Lotus capris for $35. They fit well and I can see myself wearing them, they are just awfully expensive. Of course, with the credit I have they are ‘regular’ priced… so there’s that to keep in mind. Have $0 left over and cancel my Fitness Edit subscription.

Option 4: Buy the Pink Lotus capris for $35 and give the Fitness Edit one more try in September.

I have to return what I don’t want tomorrow, so leave me a comment below with what you think I should do!


Disclaimer: If you choose to purchase a box using my special referral link, I will receive a small referral bonus toward future Wantable purchases. Thank you to anyone who uses my special ink and supports my shopping addiction. 

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7 thoughts on “My August Wantable Fitness Edit”

  1. I would go with either Option 2 or Option 4, but I would go for it and do Option 2. The blue space dye tank top looks good on you and maybe it would get you a bit out of your comfort zone? But, if you really don’t think you’d wear it, snatch up those capris you can already see yourself reaching for and give them one more shot.

  2. Option 2 or 4! Actually leaning more toward 4 🙂 I LOVE those capris, super fun! and it took a while for Stich Fix to start sending you what you really like so I think they should get at least another month to make you happy 🙂

  3. I would go with option 2, just because the prince on those capris even with a credit makes me want to pass out! LOL

  4. keep the tank and capris. After reading your July post, I ordered the want able fitness box and got those two items too. Like you, shocked upon open. I typically wear black or gray. But, I gave them a try and actually really like them. The capris look super cute with your running tank 🙂

  5. Option 2 or 4 which ever piece you like more. I definitely think you should give the fitness edit another try. Like someone said it takes Stitch Fix awhile to zero in on your style and it can still be hit/miss.

    I just ordered a fitness edit last week. It says I’m getting the August edition but then it says my billing date is September 13th. Does anyone know when I should expect to receive it?

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