My July Wantable Fitness Edit

Now that I’m running more to prepare for my Team Relay Marathon, I’m realizing that I don’t like a lot of my running clothes. There is nothing more annoying than starting a run and realizing that the pants you threw on actually fall down every third step, so you have to keep yanking them back up over your butt.

Believe me, I have PLENTY of excuses not to run… I don’t need running clothes helping me with any!

My workout clothes typically have either lived in my drawer for 10+ years or they’ve been an impulse purchase from Marshall’s. There is really no rhyme or reason to what I have… it’s mostly black leggings and shirts that I get for free for running a 5k. I have bought a couple running skirts, because they are freaking adorable. And if I’m going to be a sweaty, stinky mess at the end of a 5k, a skirt helps remind me that I’m a sassy chick.

So when I saw that Wantable now offers a Fitness Edit, I was super excited to try them out!

Wantable Fitness Edit - pinable image

{I previously tried the Wantable Accessories Box and Wantable Intimates Box}

To set up your account, you fill out a bunch of survey questions with your sizes and preferences. Then, they charge you a $20 styling fee and send you 5 handpicked items to try in the comfort of your own home. You have 5 days to decide what you want and clothing prices range based on your preferences between $30 – 70 per item. The best part is that your styling fee is applied towards your final purchase and you get 20% off when you keep 3-4 items, OR $30 percent off when you keep all 5 items!

Want to see what I got?

Wantable Fitness Edit - outfit 1

Outfit #1: Colosseum Floret Burnout Cool Racerback Tank in Sunshine and Primsport Leggings in Black
First off, I love the pretty yellow color and burnout details on this tank top. However, as much as I love a flowy top that doesn’t highlight my tummy, this is just WAY too flowy with its huge neck and armholes. It looks cute in the picture, but the moment I start running it slides all over the place. After just a little bouncing around, the neckline got hooked under my boobs in a weird ‘am I a flasher, or is this an outfit Madonna might wear’ kind of way. Not. Cute.

As for the leggings, they are pretty great with super breathable fabric, a high waist and a hidden pocket in the waistband. However, black leggings are pretty much the only thing that I already own… so I really don’t need another pair for $86.

Verdict: I think my stylist is going in the right direction, but no winners yet.

Wantable Fitness Edit - outfit 2

Outfit #2: Glyder Lundar Tank in Pink Stripe and Primsport Leggings in Black
This tank top is super soft and I really like the back detailing of the strappy top and mesh panel. For some reason I’m not really loving the stripes though. I guess it just looks too much like a normal shirt in the front and then a workout shirt in the back… kind of like a fitness mullet?

Verdict: The top is okay, but I feel like we can do better.

Wantable Fitness Edit - outfit 3

Outfit #3: Soybu Angie Tank in Pink Halftone and Soybu Allegro Capri in Pink Halftone
This top is really cool the way it incorporates an exercise bra and a baggier top all in one piece. They are connected, so once you figure out how to get it on, it’s on to stay and doesn’t budge. It’s kind of adorable and there is even a little sassy flash of skin on the sides. The problem is that the exercise bra is just not supportive enough for me to actually run in it. So, if I had a gym membership where I just walked from machine to machine looking cute as heck, it would work. As it is, I’m either on my (super bouncy) elliptical or running outside… so I really do need my tata’s to be as confined as possible.

The matching capri pants have a high waist, flat seams (to keep from any chaffing) and a cute little hidden waistband pocket. I’ve never really been a patterned leggings kinda girl, but I like these a lot. I also think that the price is super reasonable. After my $20 stylist fee comes out of it, they only cost me an extra $16! (PS, if you like them, here they are on the Soybu website.)

Verdict: The top is going back, but the leggings are MINE ALL MINE!

Was Wantable’s Fitness Edit Worth It?
Okay, to be honest… I freaking LOVED my Fitness Edit! It’s really hard for me to get motivated to run, so having some cute workout clothes really helps. I really liked the style of everything that my stylist sent me, which is incredible for my very first box. I love the capris that I decided to buy and I think I can get a lot of wear out of them – both alone and under some of my favorite running skirts. I even wore them over the weekend to do a run (a new longest mileage of 5 miles!) and they worked great, with no slipping around at all. I can’t wait to see what I get next month!

Have you tried the Wantable Fitness Edit? Do you think I choose wisely in deciding to keep the capris?


Disclaimer: If you choose to purchase a box using my special referral link, I will receive a small referral bonus toward future Wantable purchases. Thank you to anyone who uses my special ink and supports my shopping addiction. 

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4 thoughts on “My July Wantable Fitness Edit”

  1. I’m a huge fan of workout clothes. I love to workout and I’ve found it difficult to find clothes of the non-workout variety that fit my athletic body (apparently I’m out of proportion with myself?). So, for me, shopping for workout clothes is my comfort zone. New workout clothes are motivating for me, too. I like the idea of Wantable’s Fitness Edit, but I think it’s kind of pricey. Cute, though!

    1. The black leggings were out of my workout clothing price comfort zone, but I thought the pink leggings were priced okay. I just love being pushed a little out of my comfort zone by these fun stylist boxes. =)

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