My Style: December 2021

I’m sharing my monthly style post a little early this month, because Tuesday was my last day in the office for the year. I’m teleworking the rest of this week and then taking a week off. I’ll return to work and my regular blog schedule the first week of January.

Frankly, I can use a break. I’m feeling super rundown from all the normal stuff. You know: full-time Marketing Director job, full-time mom, full-time wife, part time blogger, part time ‘unpaid CFO’ of our trucking LLC, and OH YEAH the past year or two of pandemic living. Anyways, this momma is tired.

Before I log off for 2021 though, let’s take a look at my December outfits with ALL THE SPARKLES! With this layout, if you want to see any look closer just click on it and the photo will blow up larger for you:

My favorite outfit of the month was the one that I wore for my office holiday party:

I love the tulle skirt with sequined moon and stars so much! For my office party, I paired it with a Boden wrap top and jean jacket. However, I’m planning to wear this skirt again for a New Year’s Eve dinner topped with a cute cardigan. You’ll also see this fabulous skirt again when I take a trip to NYC for a show on Broadway AND when I go to Universal Studios for Jack’s birthday. It’s a total favorite!

Thank you so much for visiting Pocketful of Joules over the past year. I very much appreciate every single one of you. And you can find me over on my Instagram account during my little break. I’ll still be clicking around because I love all those Christmas pajama photos!

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