2021 Thrifting & Secondhand Shopping Wrap Up

As part of putting 2021 to bed and welcoming 2022, I enjoy taking a little look back at the previous year of thrifting and secondhand shopping. Last year for my 2020 wrap up, I shared my most ‘exciting’ scores… which were items where I paid very little but their retail value was quite high. This year, I decided to break it into two lists: my most worn favorite items bought secondhand in 2021 and my most exciting scores, based on value.

Let’s take a look back at my 2021 thrifting finds!

My 4 most worn secondhand items from 2021:

Rainbow hand-knit blanket (July 2021) – thrifted for $3.99

I felt bad for this sassy little rainbow blanket because someone obviously knitted it with love… and then it ended up at a thrift store. So, for $4 I rescued it and it now lives in my den. I grab it multiple times a week when I curl up on my den couch to reach a book or just admire the Christmas tree. In addition to being warm, I love the rainbow of colors!

J. Crew Chambray shirt with pearl snaps (July 2021) – thrifted for $6.99, retail price $90

This chambray shirt was exactly what I was looking for and the pretty pearl snaps were just a bonus. I love this shirt knotted over a work dress or skirt and I’ve already worn it to work a bunch of times since buying it at the thrift store in July. Here are some of my outfits I made:

Taos Crave combat boots (November 2021) – bought secondhand off Posh for $65, retail price $220

Over the past year, I went a little boot crazy. In fact, in this blog post alone I’m listing three pairs of boots that I purchased this year (and that isn’t all…) I’d say I have a problem, but I’m pretty happy with my comfortable feet. This pair of Taos Crave combat boots was my first experience with the brand and I AM A FAN. The leather is so incredible soft and smooshy and the insoles, rubber tread and slight heel makes these magically comfortable to walk in for hours. I scored these slightly worn off Poshmark for just $65 and they are worth every single penny. I’ve worn them over a dozen times since I purchased them in November and expect to wear them many more times before winter is over.

My 4 most exciting secondhand scores of 2021:

Dollar for dollar, these four items were my HOLY CRAP thrifting finds of the year:

Lululemon Align Joggers (May 2021) – bought at a consignment store for $35, retail price $98. I always find Lululemon for my friend’s size and never for my size. It’s a blessing and a bummer. So, I was pleasantly surprised that although these joggers are a size smaller than I would typically wear, they fit me!

Eileen Fisher Organic Linen Moto jacket (October 2021) – bought secondhand off Posh for $34, retail price $258. Love this versatile moto jacket. It adds an interesting layer over dresses and skirts without adding too much warmth. Here it is in action.

Frye Veronica Short Slouch Boots (August 2021) – thrifted for $60, retail price $298. Did I need these boots? Nope. Was I going to leave them behind at a pop-up thrift store when they were in fantastic condition? Also, nope. These timeless boots earned a spot in my In Heavy Rotation post because they look cute with pretty much everything.

Frye Veronica Studded Moto Boots (October 2021) – bought secondhand off Posh for $106, retail price $398. These may be my winning secondhand find of the year for the price savings alone! Perfect condition Frye studded boots for almost $300 off retail? Yes, please! Photo evidence.

Each year when I look back at my thrifting/secondhand winners and losers, it helps me keep a better focus on what I REALLY need for future purchases. I can’t wait to see what 2022 brings!

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