My Style: June 2024

Apparently, I got dressed to leave the house A LOT this month, which is pretty surprising considering that I feel like I lost a week of my life in the middle there when my son broke his arm. Keeping with my goal to continue purging items from my closet, this month saw a bunch of different items in rotation. However — spoiler alert — nothing much hit the purge pile.

Let’s take a look at my June looks:

First up, three ‘casual’ non-work looks. I wore the first outfit for a graduation cookout event, the second was for errand running and the third was for a day of errands with a business-ish lunch with my accountant.

All the items have been in my closet for a while, other than that vintage Coach crossbody bag, which was a recent addition. And nothing is getting purged, but will continue to be restyled again and again.

Here are three of my office looks. I picked the colorful dress up at a consignment shop for just $30 this month, so I pretty much immediately needed to style it for the office. Love the swish of the skirt and the deep pockets. The blue maxi dress is one of those that I feel looks better in person… but honestly, it does feel like wearing a comfy nightgown in public.

As for outfit #3, I’m still unsure about the white linen + lace top. It is a beautiful top and the fabric and drape are great, I just don’t love white. I’ve considered dying it a different color – but I’m not sure if the fabric, lace and thread will take the color evenly, so I keep putting it off. All keepers again, however I am starting to think the blue maxi dress from Anthropologie may hit my Poshmark closet at some point.

Two casual outfits with the same skirt, as this gingham skirt is on the chopping block. I just don’t reach for it as much as I do the same style in solid colors. This month, I tried it two ways – topped with a graphic t-shirt and topped with a linen blouse. Still trying to decide if this one is a keeper or if it will be hitting the resale group by the end of the summer.

The floral skirt from the first outfit has been in my closet for years and it’s just a randomly luxe cotton skirt from TJ Maxx that I love. As for that black linen dress, I typically style it under a tied blouse because it fit me so oddly. However, this month I actually took the time to adjust the tailoring on the straps and bust… so now I can wear it over just a little tank top! All keepers now that I took the time to sew a little.

And three more work looks. For look #1, I typically wear this dress as a casual dress, but I decided to top it with a cardigan for work. By lunchtime, I was regretting it because it shows off a bit more bust than I like for the office. So this one is back to being a weekend dress. The middle look is a re-wear of that black linen dress I tailored, this time I topped it with a starbust beaded cardigan for the office. And the last look was a last-minute throw-things-together-outfit, and I feel like it turned out very nice!

New vs. Secondhand Talley

This month, I count 10 items that I purchased retail and 23 items I purchased secondhand!

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2 thoughts on “My Style: June 2024”

  1. I love the outfit on the left of the first three you showed. And, all of the office outfits! Can you say adorable!!? I have a similar long blue and white dress. I am going to try it on again, and see if I have a jacket or thin top I can wear with it. Thanks for sharing.

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