My Style: October 2023

October was a mix of lightweight layers and more autumnal colors – while we still had some warm days, I just wasn’t feeling the bright colors of my summer outfits. I actually turned the heat on for a few days this month, because we had some wild swings from 78 degree days, to crisper days in the mid 40s.

Work Outfits:

It was a busy month with just a couple days in the office as we are gearing up to move our firm to a new location. Which is why I’m extra casual in jeans and sneakers, since I packed up the whole marketing office that day. Both of these were easy and autumnal.. if a bit boring. I’ll make more of an effort next month when we are at our new office and I actually see other humans during my day!

Casual Outfits:

Once again, bring on all the autumn colors — loving the navy blues mixed with orangy red and the fantastic berry purples. I’ve had that striped short sleeved sweater for a few years (it was an Eileen Fisher steal from Nordstrom Rack) and every time I wear it, I wonder why I don’t wear it more often. Actually, I love every single casual outfit here — they are all very ‘me’ and I’ll absolutely need to revisit them in the future.

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