October Thrift Haul

October was quite the busy month, so I actually wasn’t sure I’d have the time to do any thrifting. However, some last minute changes in plans over the weekend meant that Jack and I were able to try out a new pizza place and our favorite thrifting stop!

So, with my trusty thrifting list in hand and leaving my finds to the Thrifting Gods, here is what we brought home:

Eileen Fisher linen cardigan, $8

While it’s not the chunky knit I was looking for, I couldn’t pass up this lightweight linen Eileen Fisher cardigan. I usually find a couple pieces of Eileen Fisher each time I thrift, but often they are not my style or just worn into the ground.

This one was still in great condition, but a bit scratchy – so I solved that problem by throwing it into the washer AND dryer to soften up the linen. Similar cardigans are on the Eileen website for $200, so I’m happy to add this classic sweater to my closet for much, much less.

Harry Potter Gryffindor cardigan, $8

Okay, hear me out. This cardigan is adorable and super soft. And yes, I’m a Harry Potter nerd and have been sorted into the Gryffindor house. With all that being said, I almost put this one back… until Jack convinced me that I need to buy it so I’m prepared for our next trip to Universal Studios.

Do we have a Universal Studios trip planned? Nope. Will we be going there in the future – um, most likely. So, now I’m the happy owner of an adorable Gryffindor cardigan (retails for $40-50) that will go quite nicely with a cute skirt and our wand on our next visit.

Flax linen skirt, $5

This one was a bit of a gamble, since they closed the dressing rooms a couple months ago and you can no longer try on clothes. However, since I’m a fan of notPERFECT LINEN, I’ve seen the brand Flax by Jeanne Engelbart come up time and time again, since they both source(d) their linen from Lithuania.

I figured if this skirt doesn’t fit, I can resell it to someone else who will love it. As it is, it’s a little bit snug… but I’m just going to stick it in with my summer stuff and give it another try in the spring before I make any decisions.

So, once again nothing on my current Thrift List, so maybe I’ll get luckier in November!

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