My Underwhelming ‘Dream’ Closet

I’ve always wished that I could have an awesome walk-in closet.

Instead of packing away my off-season clothes, they could all live together in harmony. I’d have all my jewelry displayed and all my shoes accessible. Maybe I’d even have a girlie chandelier hanging from the ceiling, along with a FULL SIZED mirror leaning against the wall.

Yeah, that’s the dream.

So, when this month’s catalog from The Container Store my heart went pitter-pat. Check out the cover:

dream closet

Now THAT is a sexy closet!

Now, check out my ACTUAL closet:

my actual closet

I mean, its KIND OF organized… but mostly it’s kind of a mess. I bought the latest shoe organizer (I’m pretty sure I’ve been through a half dozen) with the hopes that it would FINALLY corral my shoes in an orderly fashion.

shoes section

It does not.

I mean, it STARTS OUT being orderly, but then after a couple days of using it… well, it looks like that.

I decided that even though I won’t be enjoying a walk-in closet anytime soon, I could still steal some of their organizing tricks. The fact that The Container Store was running a sale on exactly the pieces I wanted helped push me over the edge of indecision.

So, I stopped by and picked up two of their 12 section shoe organizers and one of their 6 section handbag organizers for a total of $95.37 (each item was $10 off the original price). I figure that all my shoes can fit in the 24 slots (or less) and then I could use the larger slots for small stuff like belts, bathing suits, tote bags, and miscellaneous stuff that ends up in my closet.

It took me a little over an hour to get all three organizers put together and then I tried out a bunch of different stacking configurations before ending up with this:

after closet

It’s nice.

I mean, it is certainly a lot neater than the previous incarnation of my closet. But it’s still not awesome like the closet on the catalog. I think the HUGE difference though is the fact that I actually use my closet and it’s not just a model for pretend people to use.

shoes after

So, I guess I’m happy with the finished product. I’m just not sure if I’m $100 worth of happy.

I probably could have gotten more of the ‘model closet’ look if I had gone bigger and stacked two more cubes on top of the ones I have… but I don’t have that many shoes AND I would have lost some clothing hanging space.

What do you think? Does it seem neater and more organized to you? Do you have one of those covetable walk-in closets that I drool over? What are your tricks for keeping your closet organized?

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8 thoughts on “My Underwhelming ‘Dream’ Closet”

  1. That’s what I need to do with my necklaces! They’re in a jumble in a random round tin on my counter so I don’t see them and never wear them.

    I also totally need those shoe organizers. The wire ones don’t seem like they’ll hold enough shoes. And purse organizers! This is why I don’t allow myself to go to the Container Store. It’s like crack to me.

    My closet is totally disorganized. I’m not entirely sure if it even holds any clothes that actually fits me. Most of that goes in drawers. I may need to do a purge.

    I think your closet looks good. Theirs has more light colors so maybe that’s why it looks prettier. But who can wear white during the snowpocalypse? It also helps that a real person does not actually use & mess up that closet.

    1. It has definitely helped me to be able to see my necklaces when I’m getting ready and since I’ve had them hanging I tend to wear them more. If the Container Store could organize my entire house, I’d be happy. Very poor, but happy!

  2. i think the improvements make your closet look very nice. i have many more pairs of heels than you, but i ended up repurposely a bookcase to display shoes and i love it. also, i purchase containers to fit my closet shelves specifically and label them clearly with out of season clothing (and other misc.) so that everything is easy to identify and get to, but still semi-stored. those are my tips.

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