My Underwhelming ‘Dream’ Closet

3 Apr

I’ve always wished that I could have an awesome walk-in closet.

Instead of packing away my off-season clothes, they could all live together in harmony. I’d have all my jewelry displayed and all my shoes accessible. Maybe I’d even have a girlie chandelier hanging from the ceiling, along with a FULL SIZED mirror leaning against the wall.

Yeah, that’s the dream.

So, when this month’s catalog from The Container Store my heart went pitter-pat. Check out the cover:

dream closet

Now THAT is a sexy closet!

Now, check out my ACTUAL closet:

my actual closet

I mean, its KIND OF organized… but mostly it’s kind of a mess. I bought the latest shoe organizer (I’m pretty sure I’ve been through a half dozen) with the hopes that it would FINALLY corral my shoes in an orderly fashion.

shoes section

It does not.

I mean, it STARTS OUT being orderly, but then after a couple days of using it… well, it looks like that.

I decided that even though I won’t be enjoying a walk-in closet anytime soon, I could still steal some of their organizing tricks. The fact that The Container Store was running a sale on exactly the pieces I wanted helped push me over the edge of indecision.

So, I stopped by and picked up two of their 12 section shoe organizers and one of their 6 section handbag organizers for a total of $95.37 (each item was $10 off the original price). I figure that all my shoes can fit in the 24 slots (or less) and then I could use the larger slots for small stuff like belts, bathing suits, tote bags, and miscellaneous stuff that ends up in my closet.

It took me a little over an hour to get all three organizers put together and then I tried out a bunch of different stacking configurations before ending up with this:

after closet

It’s nice.

I mean, it is certainly a lot neater than the previous incarnation of my closet. But it’s still not awesome like the closet on the catalog. I think the HUGE difference though is the fact that I actually use my closet and it’s not just a model for pretend people to use.

shoes after

So, I guess I’m happy with the finished product. I’m just not sure if I’m $100 worth of happy.

I probably could have gotten more of the ‘model closet’ look if I had gone bigger and stacked two more cubes on top of the ones I have… but I don’t have that many shoes AND I would have lost some clothing hanging space.

What do you think? Does it seem neater and more organized to you? Do you have one of those covetable walk-in closets that I drool over? What are your tricks for keeping your closet organized?

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