Yet Another Childcare Change: Return to Daycare

blue steel
Jack doing his best ‘blue steel’ at 10 months old.

I feel like childcare has been a never ending saga for us.

For a quick recap, first we almost did in-home childcare with a hoarder, then we tried a professional daycare but quit after just one month because Jack kept getting super sick. I thought the story was over when we found an awesome nanny who we loved.

Unfortunately, our nanny’s university schedule changed and she gave us her notice in February. She was with us for a year though and we will still be seeing her because she’s offered to babysit for a monthly date night.

To be honest, I was starting to think about other options for Jack before I even received our nanny’s notice. My mom takes him to a weekly library group on Tuesdays, but that was pretty much his only time to interact with other children.

Since he’s much bigger now, we were hoping that some of his preemie sicknesses would no longer be an issue. Also, with a daycare I wouldn’t have to miss workdays due to any last minute sicknesses or schedule changes. After talking about it, Travis and I decided to wait until the Fall and then do some research.

Of course, with our nanny’s notice that research was moved up a few months. Within 24 hours of her notice, I had already called 6 childcare centers in our area. Unfortunately, we were limited because we really only need daycare for one day each week.

We lucked out though and found a daycare with a Friday opening in their 2’s class. I stopped by for a tour that same afternoon and was blown away at how professional and educational the program offerings were.

Jack started at his new daycare at the end of February and he is absolutely thriving with the change. Morning drop-off’s are still a bit tough, but he is learning SO MUCH from his teacher. He comes home with a new art project every Friday and I’m pretty sure that watching the other kids use the potty is what sparked his interest in using it himself.

The chick-fil-a cow came to a daycare fun day over the weekend. Jack wasn’t impressed, because the cow didn’t mooooo.

He has brought home a few sicknesses, but thankfully we haven’t needed to visit the ER in quite a while (knock on wood). I’m really glad that we were able to have our nanny until Jack turned 2, but I also feel that starting daycare was the prefect step for him. As an added bonus, the daycare is about $25 cheaper than our nanny… so we are able to save an extra $100 each month!

We are so lucky to have a schedule for Jack where he can be with my mom three days each week, hang out with daddy on Wednesdays, and learn at his daycare on Friday’s.

I was considering preschool options, but with his current schedule he has the perfect combo of love and learning each week. I just wish I was able to change MY work schedule so that I had one day a week at home with him too!

Are you doing the daycare thing? How long until your kid stops crying when you drop him off…?  It’s totally KILLING ME and I want to grab Jack when the tears start flowing and run back home.



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