NaBloPoMo – Week Two

NaBloPoMoEveryone get your ooshy gooshy love goggles on, because it’s week two of the BlogHer NABloPoMo February challenge! Participants are SUPPOSED to post every single day, but I’m such a bad, bad rule breaker that I decided that just posing the whole week’s questions on Monday’s worked better for me.

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Here are this week’s questions:

2/5/13: How old were you the first time you fell in love?
The first time I fell in what I thought was actual love, also happened to be the first time I ever said those three little scary words to a boyfriend (before then if a boy told me that they loved me I typically would reply with, “Oh…. thanks!”). It was the end of my freshman year of college and I was 18 years old. I’d had a crush on a boy in one of my classes for the whole semester. One day, he showed me his brand-new nipple piercing and I showed him my brand-new navel piercing. That was it. We were boyfriend and girlfriend on and off for about 4 years until it ended in the typical crash and burn of first love.

2/6/13: Do you remain friends with ex-boyfriends after you break up?
Not really. A few of my ex-boyfriends are Facebook friends, but it’s not like we hang out, well, ever. I think the only way it works for me is if we were actual friends before we tried dating. Then, we’d have enough incentive to pick back up with a friendship. Usually, when I’d start dating someone it would go from nothing to boyfriend in an instant, so there was no use staying friends after the relationship ended. Before my husband, I only had two long-term super serious relationships and I do not keep up with either of them.

2/7/13: Describe your ideal date night.
Hmm…now is this set in reality or my imagination? If we’re going into Joulesland, I’d love to be flown to a city on a private luxury airplane to enjoy a fancy (yet delicious) dinner on the roof a building overlooking the city. Actually, that sounds like it might be kind of cold and breezy. Not to mention, very time consuming and with my luck I’d probably have to get up for work the next morning. Okay, let’s do an actual doable idea date night… My husband will have booked me an appointment for a full-body massage, so that I can get all the stress out of my body and turn into a jiggley lump of jello for the rest of the evening. From there, we would go out to dinner someplace that makes an amazing steak with a side of lobster and those sweet potatoes that are filled with butter and sugar and diabetes. After dinner, we would go to one of those movie theaters that serve wine and watch something hilarious while drinking a bottle of something sweet. A limo ride home (so that we don’t drink and drive, of course) would be a perfect end to the date – especially if I can stick my head out the sunroof and make out with my husband in the back. Not at the same time though, that would be weird and awkward.

2/8/13: Name the most romantic movie of all time.
Geez, of ALL time?! That’s kind of a hard one. I tend to like my movies more on the funny side or the lets-blow-stuff-up side. I do like romances, but I have to be in the romancy mood to watch them. I was going to pick Love, Actually because it warms my heart every time I watch it, but let’s go with The Princess Bride because it was already on my mind when I answered the first question. In fact, I originally had a True Love vs. To Blave quote in there, but I deleted it because it pretty much only made sense in my head.

2/11/13: What is your ideal Valentine’s Day celebration?
Um, can it be the same as my ideal date night? That sounded pretty awesome for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, my birthday, Fourth of July, or even to celebrate Daylight’s Savings Time.

Speaking of Valentine’s Day, I wanted to share a super quick and cheap project I did in about 10 minutes over the weekend:

Step 1: I bought a pack of felt hearts on sale at JoAnns and some ribbon for a total price of $4.50.
Step 2: I cut little slits into the felt hearts and strung the ribbon through.
Step 3: I hung it over fireplace for a pretty Valentine’s Day garland!

I hope you enjoyed this week’s NaBloPoMo questions! Be sure to stop by next Monday for the next group of questions. Also, I’d love it if you’d play along and answer any of today’s questions you’d like in the comments!

PS. I decided on 2/18 that I am incredibly bored by the NaBloPoMo questions, so I’m making the executive decision (yes, I’m an executive now…) and giving up. I know, crazy. Mrs. Overachiever giving up, but in the wise words of Kenny Rogers, you have to know when to hold them and when to fold them.

PPS. For being so darn wise, Kenny Rodgers is NOT wise about knowing when to give up on plastic surgery.

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