No Buy July

I have bought too many things lately. Between my amazing trip to Boden (Dressing Room Snaps from the Boden Outlet) and all of the great luck I’ve been having at thrift stores (All the Shopping in San Francisco, June Thrift Store Haul), I need to cut back a little bit. Actually, I need to just go cold turkey.

So, I’ve decided to participate in a No Buy July.

Basically the rules of the challenge are not to buy any fashion-type purchases for the month. No taking advantage of the Anthropologie ‘sale on sale’. No clicking over to the Haute Look weekly deals. And no thrifting.

It’s going to be hard for me because I love the thrill of chasing a deal, but I think this will be a much needed detox. You all are totally free to hold me accountable too. If you see me post a dressing room picture anytime this month, go ahead and comment with NO BUY JULY to help keep me honest!

Do you ever do a shopping detox? Want to do a No Buy July with me?

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4 thoughts on “No Buy July”

  1. I currently am on a clothing spending freeze.
    My goal is by the end of August I want to go through ALL OF MY CLOTHES. If I can’t remember wearing it in the last 2 years it will probably be on it’s way out (except for some fancy dresses but even then only if I love love it). I had baby #2 in December and will not be having anymore kids so I need to purge my wardrobe of some things and rediscover pieces I love.

    1. I did that a couple years ago and it was GREAT for making sure that everything left in my closet actually looked good on my current size. My rule was if the item looked crappy and wrinkled, or I was uncomfortable by the end of the day… it went directly in to a donate pile!

  2. I can do this for myself pretty easily, but the kids go back to school August 8, so I at least need permission to buy some uniforms and sneakers! LOL

  3. I think I’ve had one zero spend month so far this year and a few that were just one (not expensive) item. I enjoy browsing too but doing a budget post on the blog at the end of each month makes me really mindful when I’m idly browsing. Do I need this, I have to “declare” it, what will I wear it with etc.

    I’ve already won three things on eBay this month (all for £3 each, all Boden, ha ha) so that’s out the window already 😉

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