October Thrift Haul

This month’s thrift haul is a little different… because I (gasp) didn’t go thrifting this month. I KNOW. What kind of crazy is this?! I did, however, buy a couple fabulous things off Poshmark. So, let’s take a look at my secondhand scores!

Anthropologie Dhruv Kapoor skirt, $99

Source: Anthropologie.com

I’ve been obsessed with my black and white Dhruv Kapoor skirt since I bought it secondhand last year, so when I saw a different colorway pop up on Poshmark I was intrigued. It was still new with the tags on it (retail $158) and I bought it for $99.

Are those thrift prices? Nope. But I knew I’d love the skirt and I decided to go ahead and treat myself. Also, it’s secondhand, so that’s pretty awesome!

Here’s my black and white version in action:

And here is my new skirt styled for work yesterday:

Anthropologie Chelsea boots, $80

Source: Poshmark.com

Yup, another secondhand Anthropologie purchase. I pretty much wear my Taos combat boots nonstop during the winter and I thought it might be fun to mix it up a bit with a pair of Chelsea boots.

I did a bunch of searches on Poshmark for leather Chelsea boots that gave me something a little different and came across this green pair with chunky lug soles. I “liked” them on Poshmark and then moved on with my life, but kept coming back to drool over them. I ended up putting in an offer for $80, which the seller accepted. I couldn’t find this exact pair with an original Anthro listing, but similar boots on their website range from $160 – 200-ish.

I decided that since I technically didn’t NEED another pair of boots, I’d do a one-in, one-out and listed a pair of Frye boots from my closet that haven’t gotten much wear.

Speaking of my Poshmark closet

If you’ve been thinking about trying Poshmark, you can use my special invite code to open an account and get $10 off your first order. Just use: POCKETFULOFJOUL And here is a direct link to my closet: https://poshmark.com/closet/pocketfulofjoul. Feel free to make an offer on something if you love it!

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One thought on “October Thrift Haul”

  1. Thanks for sharing and keeping us up to date! I hate to think of it, but boot season will be here. I am already visiting a pretty brown pair on Stitch Fix. They would be perfect for me!l
    Your new skirt is so pretty! Happy Hauloween!

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