Organizing Towels, Meds & Q-Tips

I’ve been in a house purging mood lately. It just seems like EVERYTHING is a mess right now and I feel the need to get rid of stuff. I listed a few pieces of unused furniture on Craigslist, posted old pregnancy books and DVDS on a kids Facebook group in my area and sent in some more clothes to Twice to sell (so I can buy more stuff… oopsie).

For some reason this morning I got it in my mind that my linen closet should probably be torn apart.

Yeah, these are the things that float around in my head while driving to work in the rain. We have a small closet in our upstairs hallway that currently contains towels, sheets, toilet paper, tissue boxes, batteries, light bulbs, refills of pretty much everything we could ever need (lotions, nail polish, q-tips, soap, conditioner, etc) and a huge organizer thingie of all our medicines/first aid kit stuff. The organizer isn’t big enough though, so there are random bottles of Nyquil and allergy pills sitting on shelves throughout the closet. It also isn’t very “organized” which means that whenever Travis is looking for something, he can’t find it.*

Did I mention that the closet is tiny?

It’s a total mess and pretty much any time you try to grab something out, a bunch more stuff falls onto the floor. So the goal for this weekend is to empty the whole darn closet out onto the hallway floor and only put back what actually NEEDS to be in there.

I mean, we only use one towel each during the week (which gets laundered… we’re not stinky people), so why do I have two shelves full of dingy towels?

Here is where I need your help… how do you organize your stuff? I need some sort of storage system for our medicines and our bathroom refills that actually works. I pinned a few ideas here, but I want to know what works for you!


* That is probably just a guy thing though… because he also can’t find the milk when it’s directly in front of his face.

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5 thoughts on “Organizing Towels, Meds & Q-Tips”

  1. For mine, I use clear plastic shoe boxes to organize meds, first aid, beauty products and then baskets for larger items like extra shampoo and soap. The boxes work great because depending on the height of your shelves, you can easily stack them and they usually come in different sizes.

    1. Hmm… that’s a great idea and I bet I can pick some up at the dollar store! I think stacking things is the secret — I have lots of unused vertical space.

      1. Go for it! I think I got mine at Walmart. You can probably find one’s in different colors if you wanted to clearly identify baby related vs first aid related.

        Happy Organizing!

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