Our Beach Getaway to Fort Lauderdale

Did you guys realize that I was out of town last week? I tried to be all sneaky-like, because it’s never a good idea to announce to the world when your house is going to be empty. However, I did post a couple beachy shots on my Instagram account and told you about my bad mammajamma sunburn, so you MIGHT have had a little teensy bit of a clue.

In addition to sharing a few of my favorite pictures from our trip, I wanted to share what worked for us in the whole traveling with a one year old thang. Because doing the whole plane/taxi/hotel trip with an (almost) toddler is MUCH different than doing it with a 5 month old!

The blog post got SUPER long though, so I’m going to break it into a 2-parter. Today will be fun and pretty pictures (yay) and Thursday will be the tips on what worked for us.

Why not Wednesday, you ask? Well, Wednesday will be something super special… the Origami Owl giveaway! {cue insanely loud and obnoxious screaming and maybe even The Wave, which is really hard to do when it’s just you. Basically it just looks like I’m randomly standing up…}

So since this is going to be a super awesome week of posts, let’s get to the pretty pictures!










There you go, my vacation in an nutshell. I’ll have a couple more pictures on Thursday to go with my random tips and trips post on how we survived the plane with my angry octopus ninja! And, of course, tomorrow is the GIVEAWAY!*


*Imagine this in my Oprah voice. You know, like “YOU get a CAR, YOU get a CAR!” but with an awesome necklace and just one of you. Yeah. That.

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