Revisiting 2015: Top 5 Family Posts

With the year coming to a close, I thought I’d take this last week of 2015 to revisit some of my most popular posts from the last 12 months.

So join me in checking out my Top 5 Family Posts… maybe you missed them the first time around so it’s all new to you!

#1: Our ER Visit
Well, we really didn’t start the year off right because Jack totally took a header into the fireplace. As luck would have it, your kid always cuts their face open when you are home alone… so you have to decide whether to hold their wound closed or drive. Sigh.

#2: I Want You
Some of the best parts of having kids are when they drive you crazy. Really, I swear.

#3: Our Proposal Story
More than four years into this blog, I finally got around to sharing our proposal story. Even better, you guys commented with YOUR proposal stories so it was just an AWWW-fest all over the place. If you haven’t already, please share your proposal story too!

#4: The Waffle
Yeah, you remember how I just said that your kid driving you crazy was cool? Not in this case. In this case it’s just annoying.

#5: All About Disney World: What Worked and What Didn’t
We went to Disney World last February for Jack’s birthday and it was AWESOME. And now that I’m re-reading the post I really, really, REALLY want to go again. However, I don’t think I’d be able to put Jack in the Ergo this time…

I hope you enjoyed looking back at some of my favorite posts. Tomorrow I’ll be posting my Top 5 Fashion posts and then on Wednesday you’ll get my Top 5 Ridiculous posts of 2015!

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