September Thrift Haul

September was a super busy month for me, so wasn’t sure if I’d even have a chance to go thrifting at all. As it turns out, I was able to take a half-day at work last Friday to even out my hours from my work trip to Atlantic City… which means, THRIFTING TIME!

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My Friday morning event was in Towson, so I figured I’d check out a Savers that was only 3 minutes away. I’m really glad I did, because it was HUGE and I found a couple fun items:

Soft Surroundings tank dress, $5.99

I’ve talked about Soft Surroundings before and how much I love the brand for loungewear. I’ve thrifted a couple shirts and a sweatshirt/wrap type thing in the past, but this is my first time finding a dress. I checked their website and similar dresses typically sell for a retail of $80.

My initial thought was that I’d chop it into a long tank top, but it’s actually really soft and comfy (and has POCKETS). You can kinda tell that I threw it on over my jeans and belt in the photo, but it’s not too clingy at all.  So now I’m thinking it might be a nice kinda nightgown type lounging thing for around the house? For $6 it’s worth a try and if I hate it…chop chop!

Lucky Brand top, $6

I love Lucky Brand and often when thrifting you can just *tell* which items are from that brand because they have a certain boho look. This top is super soft cotton and I like the orangy-red design. It fits great and will be cute for a Casual Friday work outfit or just to throw on with jeans over the weekend.

After I finished up at Savers, I still had plenty of time left before I had to get home, so I decided to drive out to my favorite thrift store: 2nd Avenue. I always find some amazing brands at 2nd Avenue (both the Laurel and Columbia locations), but their prices do tend to be a bit higher.

Here’s what I found there:

Eileen Fisher skirt, $6.99

I ALWAYS look for Eileen when I’m thrifting and often find an item or two each time I’m out. On this trip, I actually found two items – this skirt and also a long sleeved t-shirt that was too shrunken for me. I own a couple pairs of Eileen Fisher stretch crepe pants (basically the most wonderful and flattering work trousers in the world), so when my hand brushed over the fabric of this crepe skirt… I immediately recognized it.

The pants I love typically cost $168 and my best estimating has this skirt somewhere from $179 – $198. It’s in fantastic condition (and the stretch crepe basically looks new forever), so I just threw it in the wash and let it hang dry. Such a find!

Striped sweater, $11.99

I don’t know what brand this is because the logo basically looks like a scribble, but I love a good striped cardigan! I have a couple that are almost needing to be retired, so this one will go into my weekend rotation over graphic tee shirts. It looks white in this photo lighting — but in person it is a light tan and medium/dark gray. As I mentioned, this store tends to price some things a little high – this same sweater would probably be $6 at a Goodwill or Savers, but I love it and will get lots of wear out of it, so $12 is fine. (I’m already wearing it to work today!)

Loft dachshund sweater, $17.99

This cute sweater is new and still has the $59.95 tags on it from Loft. It’s a medium and I usually wear a large, but it fits great. It also has three buttons on either side for a looser fit, which I love. I did pay way up for this sweater at $18, but it’s brand-spanking-new and adorable so I’ll let it slide. I like this one with jeans, like in my try-on photo. I also have a pair of berry/burgundy colored pants that will look super cute with this. OH, and I have a pair of slim trousers with polka dots that will also look really cute with this sweater. I’m going to have lots of fun styling this!

As I mentioned last month, I have gotten super picky with my thrifting purchases. My closet is pretty great right now, so I don’t really have a lot of “needs” to be filled. However, I still love the thrill of the hunt! I did see a few name-brand items that I was considering buying to resell, but I left them behind for some other thrifter to enjoy.

I’d love to hear your thrifting stories! Did you find a diamond in the rough (literally or figuratively)?

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2 thoughts on “September Thrift Haul”

  1. I will have to try the Savers, here. I love that top with the dog! The striped jacket is really cute. Doyou ever see Ellen Tracy clothes when you are thrifting? I used to love that style. I still do, when I can find it. I am a Loft lover, and look for that name when I am out.

    You found some good deals!

    1. I’ve found that Savers tends to have really good prices, so if you have one by you I’d try it out! I don’t think I’ve seen much Ellen Tracy thrifting… but you never know what’s around the corner! =)

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