Spring Cleaning My Closet… Again

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Honestly, I feel like I’ve been purging my closet and my house for the entire last year. Last spring, after I did my winter-to-summer closet switchover I pulled out every single piece of athleisure and fitness clothing I own and put it in a drawer. Rather than just wearing the same 3 items over and over again while working from home, I challenged myself to wear every single item and donate what I no longer loved.

Then, last fall I did the same thing with all my winter clothes. I wore all of my sweaters with my joggers all winter long and added those I didn’t love into the donate pile.

Well, now it’s spring again.

Even though I’ve bought very few items over the last 6 months, I still feel like I want less stuff.

I want my closet to be able to breathe. I want to love everything I wear. I want less things, but I want everything I own to be awesome.

Of course, it’s a constant challenge to want LESS when everything out in the world is designed to make you want to buy MORE.

Since we are in that odd spring period of time with in-between weather, I went ahead and packed away all of my heavier winter sweaters and long sleeve tops. I also pulled out all my in-between weather clothes from storage and hung them right in the front of my closet.

Once again, I’m challenging myself to wear every single item at least once. At the end of the day, I’m going to give myself the same little purge quiz I always do:

  1. At any time throughout the day, did I feel uncomfortable because of the item’s fit?
  2. After a full day, do I feel messy, disheveled, or super wrinkly?
  3. Do I feel GOOD in the clothes or crappy?

While I haven’t had much luck selling on Poshmark lately, I figure by donating great items to the local thrift store someone else can find them and love them!

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3 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning My Closet… Again”

  1. I have a rule; I don’t buy any more hangers. When I get to a point when I run out of hangers I have to clean out my closet. This last time I was 13 hangers short, and I was able to free up more then 20 hangers. I start by pulling everything out and doing a quick sort; keep, get rid of, and second pass. Then I try on everything in the second pass pile and ask myself how I feel in the item. Works pretty well for me!

    1. That’s a good way to keep it under control! I typically move any extra hangers to my off-season closet so I only leave a few in my main closet to keep it cluttered. I did a huge purge awhile ago… so if I ever filled all the hangers back up I’d be in big trouble! =)

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