Life Update: My 1st Shot

Here we are a year into the pandemic… and there is finally a light at the end of the tunnel. While vaccines started rolling out earlier this year, Maryland finally opened my vaccine group recently. Both my husband and I got our first COVID vaccine shots!

After hearing how difficult it can be to find an open vaccine appointment, I was pleasantly surprised by our county’s health department. I signed us up on an online interest form by vaccine groups and once our groups were opened, they send out a link to register.

The day of my appointment, the volunteers were incredibly organized. I went through each station, showed my ID and confirmed my information a few different times. Jack was with me, since it was a work/school day and I didn’t have anyone else to watch him. So, he very sweetly held my hand so I wouldn’t be scared of the needle. The shot was quick and surprisingly painless, and then we sat in a waiting area for 15 minutes before leaving to make sure I didn’t have an allergic reaction.  

That was it. Super easy-peasy.

As for side effects, for the next couple days my arm felt like the Winter Solder punched me with his metal arm. Honestly, I was shocked at how bad my muscle hurt at the injection site. For two nights, I could hardly sleep because I couldn’t find a comfortable position and lifting my arm was super difficult. I basically just tried to stretch it out and took Extra Strength Tylenol every 6 hours. Other than that, I was kind of tired… but that could just as easy be attributed to my seasonal allergies, or the fact that I wasn’t sleeping at night. The arm pain lasted about 48 hours and then dulled. By Saturday afternoon, I was totally fine again.

My husband got his shot the day after me and he felt a slight discomfort in his arm, but that was about it. He was fine within a day or so and never had any fatigue or other side effects. So, it really does go to show that everyone reacts differently. As it is, even with the throbbing arm… it was totally worth it.

We both get our second shots the last week of April, and then two weeks after that we are considered vaccinated. With us both vaccinated at home and Jack’s teachers vaccinated at school, our current plan is to send him back to in-person school in mid-May. Jack’s school currently has a 4 day in-person option available, so if we stick to that plan Jack will be able to go back for about 5 weeks of school before summer.

It is hard to describe the relief. The feeling of having an ‘end’ in sight and a load slowly being removed from my shoulders.

We have been hunkered down for so long. It is exciting to be able to plan to go back into the office, to be able to visit my vaccinated parents and sisters/spouses, to nomnomnom on my nephew’s baby belly, and to join the rest of my family at our Ocean City house this summer.

With summer coming, I finally feel like we have something to look forward to!

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4 thoughts on “Life Update: My 1st Shot”

  1. Congratulations! I am still waiting. My hubby has had his first shot. We were/are part of a system where you register yourself and anyone else, and they email you with a link to set your appointment. There was an appointment open, but was very far, so I am back on the list for another email. Everyone I know that has had a vaccine mentions a feeling of relief, as you did.
    I am always glad when I hear someone has gotten the vac. Mine will be coming!

  2. I am so jealous. Here in Ontario, Canada, where I am, vaccinations are far behind schedule. Even as a teacher, I’m looking at at least June before I’m even eligible in “second round”. We’re entering another lockdown because cases are sky rocketing here, and it’s so disheartening to see so many others being able to start returning to “normal” while we’re suck in stasis.

    1. I’m so sorry and I completely understand. I know our rollout schedule has changed again and again as vaccines started to become available. I hope that yours comes though sooner than expected.

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